In a scenario where Jaipur is dwelling into one of the most advanced cities, what would a family ask for? A spacious living area, a comfortable home, and a healthy environment. Mahima’s 3 BHK & 4 BHK Villas in Jaipur offers you precisely what you are looking for.

Introduction of metros and various companies in Pink City also arises the demand for residential and living spaces that is now increasing by leaps and bounds.

Mahima’s independent & luxury villas for sale in Jaipur are tailored to your needs and built according to your requirements. Discover the uniqueness of living in a villa along with extravagant sport-based & leisure amenities.


Live life, Villa style with Mahima’s Spring Villa!

  • Location
    Tonk Road
  • Type
    3 - 4 BHK
  • Price
    76.33 Lakh - 1.36 Cr
  • Status
    Under Construction

    If you have pictured yourself living in a spacious home with all the amenities around you for entertainment and fitness, including gymnasium, yoga corner, jogging track & swimming pool, then Mahima’s Villas in Jaipur is a dream come alive and is the perfect choice for you! We bring you a life where you enjoy urban villa culture. With an immense success of Mahima’s Kopal and Cityville, we stepped into villa style housing and have been providing luxury 4 BHK villas for sale.

    Our upcoming residential project in Jagatpura, Mahima’s Spring Villa is an ode to luxury living where we deliver Vaastu compliant, sport-lifestyle based Luxury Villas. Experience a world full of extraordinary amenities along with a luxurious gated residential community that includes more than 16 sports facilities like cricket stadium, football field, squash court, and a tennis court and several other activities. 

    Mahima’s Spring Villa offers you independent villas for sale in Jaipur, where you live in a world of your own blended with health & happiness.

    In the times where owning a 3 BHK Villa or a 4 BHK Villa is still a dream for many, we offer you a deal that’s a complete win-win in the long run. Mahima’s residential apartments & projects acknowledge your requirements of comfortable living space and independency.

    Choosing a residential property with open space can impact your lifestyle in a positive way. From setting up your home to hosting a housewarming party, an independent villa will give you a completely different vibe.




    1. Freedom to customize: what is independency when you can’t shape your cozy abode the way you want to? A luxurious 3 and 4 BHK Villas gives you complete freedom to customize it according to your changing needs. Paint your walls with vibrant colors or grow your favorite vegetables in your private garden.


    2. Enjoy without Boundation: Stay content in your own living space in Independent Villas, where you can host evening tea parties and call your friends for a chat. Whether you come home late or leave home in the wee hours, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.


    3. Investment and significant rental returns: The pace of changing lives is high, and the demand for upgraded residential amenities is even higher. Investing a Villa for sale in Jaipur is sure to pay you good returns off its monthly rentals. If you don’t plan to move into the villa, you can utilize the benefits of returns.


    What we saw earlier as an ordinary family scenario where kids grew up with grandparents and cousins or playing around the neighbourhood has now dissolved into an independency-loving generation. We aim to give you a life where you can enjoy the comfort of your own space yet stay connected to neighbours and spend quality time with families.

    Whether you live in a big family or love to host frequent get-together, investing in a luxury 3 BHK Villas in Jaipur is a decision about which you will never have second thoughts.


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