“To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index.” Mrs. Kusum Madan, Director Mahima Group & Vice President Mahima Foundation."
CSR Corner

CSR Activities by Mahima Group

CSR Corner

We Care Initiative

Our Strategies

Mahima Group owes the pride to have schools at all its construction sites with professionally qualified teachers supported by eminent staff and education material. All the labour kids at construction site follow a strict regime to attend the school on daily basis which not only supports in their upbringing but also plays a major in their safety

Our Focus Areas


  • Formal and non-formal education, adult education
  • Scholarships for girls, merit scholarships and technical education for boys
  • Distance education
  • Girl child education
  • Digital literacy / computer education

Health care and family welfare

  • Pulse polio programme
  • Mobile clinics — doctors’ visits
  • General and multispecialty medical camps
  • Reproductive and child health care, supplementary nutrition / mid-day meal projects at all construction sites
  • Maintain Hygienes
  • Say no to Plastic
  • Do not misuse or overuse the resources (like :electricity & water supply)
  • Safe drinking water, sanitation
  • HIV / AIDS, cancer, TB awareness and prevention camps
  • Blood donation camp at regular intervals.

Social causes

  • Widow re-marriage / dowry-less mass marriages
  • Social security (insurance)
  • The Green Way – Mahima Group Initiative towards sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Culture and sports
  • Women empowerment

Sustainable livelihood

  • Self-help groups (microfinance for women and farmers)
  • Watershed management
Skill development / vocational training through Mahima Group for integrated training programme.

Lets Join Us:

This campaign is a Chain of building Volunteers we call them “Friends Of Jaipur” where every single person who Volunteers has to grow the chain of awareness by connecting to next group of people. The Friends of Jaipur now outperform the activities we preach and build their chain. Mahima Foundation aims to associate with people who can promote and encourage others to Join Us in our Cleanliness Initiative. The Chain is headed by Mr. Dhirendra Madan- Managing Director of Mahima Foundation. The top 10 best Volunteers would be appreciated & obliged for this great social cause. Let The Go Green chain begin then.

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