CMD Profile of Mahima Group

Mr. Dhirendra Madan,

CMD of Mahima Group

Known for being a tremendous first-generation entrepreneur and an entity to be reckoned with, Dhirendra Madan is a name that symbolizes passion and development. Mr.  adan is widely recognized across the city for his path- breaking and visionary contributions to the building of modern Rajasthan. Through his significant role as a real estate  eveloper and corporate leader, he has transformed the urban landscape of the city by setting new standards in the housing and urban development scenario. Following a simple philosophy of “put the best of your efforts in everything you do and never compromise on the quality of work,” Mahima Group has created world-class infrastructure to attract unprecedented levels of foreign and domestic investment inflows, generating new employment opportunities and changing lifestyles.

Born on January 18, 1958, Dhirendra Madan graduated in Science and subsequently started his business in Automobile Industry. Later he realized his zeal for artistic construction Industry and soon after he founded Mahima Real Estate Pvt. Ltd in 1990, where he took over as the Chairman & Managing Director.

In the early Nineties, Mr. Dhirendra Madan took it upon himself to spearhead a total transformation in the Housing and Urban Development scenario in the city. He visualized that only through the collaborative efforts of both the public and private sectors could one achieve the goal of creating cities of the future that have adequate housing and urban infrastructure to meet the needs of future generations. Hence, began his work towards bringing an end to the era of State monopoly. This opened the doors for professional private developers to play a major role in building onsite infrastructure for homes, offices and entertainment and retail complexes. His visionary efforts were crowned with
success of the innovative CRYSTAL MALL, the first commercial mall of the Jaipur City. Mr. Dhirendra Madan, known as one of the Top Builders in Jaipur is also widely credited with conceptualizing a unique and innovative model for the acquisition of land from the farmers by involving the farming community as ‘Partners in Progress' of Housing and Urban Development. He has been a firm believer in corporate intervention in the social sector encompassing CSR and philanthropic activities like improvements in the living standards of construction workers and providing basic education and healthcare facilities in and around Mahima Group's projects to all the labors.

Positions Held Currently

  • Chairman & Managing Director of Mahima Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
  • Director of 13 various companies of Mahima Group in various sectors.
  • President of Mahima Foundation.
  • President at FORUM (Federation Of Rajasthan Urban Development Missions)
  • Member of RBPA (Rajasthan Builders & promoters Association)
  • An active member of TODAR (Township & Owner Development Association of Rajasthan).
  • Founder Member of RAJREDCO.
  • Member & ardent follower of CREDAI regulatory body
  • Member of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)
  • Team Mahima
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Mr. Nikhil Madan,

Director of Mahima Group

The second-generation entrepreneur and a well-read personality, Mr. Nikhil Madan joined Mahima Management in the year of 2008 after completing his higher education in London. Nikhil also boasts of a degree in International Business from Westminster University, London and Bachelors in Commerce from Pune University. In his short stint with the group, Mr. Nikhil has played a crucial role in consolidating the group's presence across its area of operation. With the responsibility of directing sales & marketing verticals of the group, Mr. Nikhil continues to not only re-energize the systems and processes inside the organization but also evolve the way Mahima thinks and operates.


Mr. Nikhil’s philosophy – “Growth of an organization is possible only when its people grow”. This fundamental human element is at the core of Mahima’s relationships and processes. His unwavering faith in people's innate ability to grow and succeed in a conducive environment has ensured the nourishment and harness the best of people's abilities and potential. The bonding and bonhomie so created, extends not only amongst employees but also towards clients. All who have a stake in Mahima's Group have imbibed Nikhil’s philosophy of all-inclusive growth.

Open Door Culture

Mahima's open-door policy is an implementation of Mr. Nikhil's genuine belief in people's growth. He has a firm conviction that employees always stay on
and become the prime contributors in the growth plans of any enterprise. Along with basic necessities, if growth and actualization offered through the right kind of atmosphere and leadership, the people become partners in an uplifting effort. Leadership is crucial to instill self-belief and steer people to attain their avowed goals through the platform offered by the organization.

Leadership Development

Mr. Nikhil’s pragmatic approach has envisioned the adopting of the leadership development policy. This was a logical corollary in the people’s approach. By encouraging promising employees and nurturing their talents in their specific domains Nikhil has been instrumental in creating a talented second string of leaders who are self-driven and are responsible for carrying forward and implementing the organization’s mission and vision.

Technology Integration

In the present time of technological advancement, organizations cannot think of surviving without adopting the right technology mix, tools and processes. Enterprise resource planning has become imperative in Mr. Nikhil’s scheme of growth. The quality and apt pricing could only be achieved with the real-time tracking of the business resources. The bottom-line could only get into the greens only with the alignment of the process for an error-free transaction and production. The ERP rollout has enhanced information flow on business commitment, orders, production, capacities, and payroll.
Mr. Nikhil’s business insight has led to the integration of technology into processes in consonance with marketing and sales delivery. Aggressively spearheading the sales in the market, he is been able to translate belief into quantifiable results.

Quality & Control

Married to the philosophy of transparency, he has been the source of cascading energy across the organization thus enabling to position the Mahima Brand as the company delivering quality.

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