With each passing day, the world is taking new turns. Pandemics, global warming, the stress of rat race in the modern corporate world. Furthermore, ever since the pandemic has confined us to the limits of our homes, most people have faced the suffocation of living in metro cities.

The place one used to come to just sleep became their whole habitat. This whole situation made us realise the need for a getaway that is not confined by the spaces of a metro.

New work culture and change in demands

The pandemic also led to a shift towards work from home culture in the country, which led to many possibilities for the employee and the huge cost cut for companies without sacrificing their efficiency.

Furthermore, 51 percent of employees prefer remote work because it improves work-life balance, and companies that offer remote work have a 25 percent lower employee turnover.

The need for open spaces

Such shifts also led to a change in our mindset. It created the need for a bigger home where one could escape the stresses of metro life, unwind and hit refresh over the weekend. According to The New Indian Express, over 3.5 lakh job searches for permanent work from home were reported only in the month of December 2021 in Naukri. This shows employees are now ready to look for escapes that take them away from the rat race & hustle-bustle of the city and corporate life.  

It also led to developments in the real estate industry which focused on creating open and relaxed spaces close to nature.

Rise of Farmhouses & Farmlands

To tackle this ordeal, people opt for farmlands secluded from the city. Where one could unwind, relax, enjoy life at a quieter and slower pace. Imagine working throughout the week and then pacing your bag for a quick trip to lush green and open spaces over the weekend. Farmhouses saw an increase in their aspirational value in the post-pandemic period.

Shortcomings of Farmhouses & Farmlands

Farmhouses are a great escape from the hectic city life over the weekend. They can also be a great hassle to maintain as the spaces are vast, secluded, and very much exposed to the elements of nature. Remote locations also promote the fear of safety among residents. 

And, maintenance took away the very idea of relaxation from the concept of escaping the suffocation and hectic lifestyle of the city. 

There are various cons of conventional farmhouses which make Managed Farm Mansions the better choice for the modern Indian individual.

Managed Farm Mansions

The concept of Managed Farm Mansions came to light where you could relax and enjoy the benefits of open and lush green spaces without worrying about the upkeep and various hassles as some third party takes care of the maintenance and upkeep. In contrast, you can enjoy all the benefits of the space.


The maintenance and upkeep will be completely taken care of by a well-equipped staff. Who will take care of your property and keep it ready for your use throughout the year, maintain the common amenities, and cater to your needs whether you are present or not? 

Professionals are here you for round the clock 

Managed Farm Mansions are maintained and taken care of by professionals in the industry who are here to help in any way possible 24X7 and maintain your property just as it was on day 1.

Everything you need is taken care of

Under maintenance, Managed Farm Mansions take care of everything you use and enjoy. From the interiors to the exteriors, swimming pools, lawns, and shared amenities. So this will make every visit perfect for you. 


It also eliminates all the security concerns that come with such locations as you enter a world of your own in a secure gated community that will be under surveillance 24*7. 

Accessible location 

Now you don’t need to plan a getaway from the city to get away from the city. Managed Farm Mansions are more accessible and located in the city. So that you relax and unwind without going through the hassle of planning and travelling long distances over holidays, Managed Farm Mansions can be your perfect weekend getaway to enjoy luxury in the cradle of nature.  

Network with like-minded individuals 

Managed Farm Mansions are not remote and secluded properties with no ties to human civilisation. They are a secure and private community that offers you a chance to network with people of similar tastes and interests without sacrificing your privacy or freedom.

Luxury in the heart of nature 

Managed Farm Mansions bridge the gap between the peace and tranquillity of Farmlands and the luxury of modern housing in the city. And they create unique experiences for everyone without skimping on comfort. 

A new sense of Freedom & Privacy 

The dense treelines provide an unparalleled sense of privacy and create a complete sense of freedom for you. So that you can unwind, relax, celebrate and enjoy nature in its most pristine condition while feeling secure and free of worry. Such societies create a sense of comfort with round-the-clock care for the world you build in its space. 

Financial Opportunities

It also opens possibilities for financial ventures as such properties are in high demand and are not used frequently. Thus, it can be a perfect renting space for a host of occasions and possible celebrations with almost no restrictions.

Before you go

Mahima Group takes the concept of Managed Farm Mansion to another level with its new project, Mahima Windchimes. The lush green open spaces, along with world-class amenities, bring the perfect nature-oriented retreat for your escape from the elements of the city.