Why is a Gated Community the first preference of Families?

In recent years, the real estate industry has witnessed a tremendous boom, and in the coming years, it will grow exponentially. With the evolving preferences of Indian buyers, one of the leading management consulting firms, Redseer, has reported that gated communities will be the most desired in the near future. As per the report, by 2026, the demand for gated communities is anticipated to increase by 2.5 times, reaching $500 billion. Additionally, it has been estimated that gated communities will house at least 24 million households in India over the course of the following five years.

But what are these gated communities that are becoming the most preferred factor to buy a house in 2023? If you are also wondering about the same then let us explain in brief. A gated community is a luxe, walled estate that promises exclusivity and security. It offers modern-day amenities for you and your family that excite home buyers globally.

Before getting into the importance, pros and cons, and hype of gated communities, let's dive into the meaning of the concept - Gated Community.

Gated Community: The Concept

A gated community is a physically privatised area with restricted entrances encompassing various independent residential properties (villas or rowhouses) or clusters of apartment complexes, or a combination of both, that are enclosed within a boundary.

Residents typically have similar socioeconomic statuses in such communities. These gated residential compounds have strictly controlled entry and exit, recording the details of everyone entering and leaving, ensuring utmost safety.

Gated community is usually characterised by its closed perimeter walls. The facilities usually consist of small residential streets for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles, along with various shared amenities. 

To ensure quality living, a gated community provides the necessary facilities for daily sustenance, such as grocery stores, parks, etc. Depending on its size, it can also have luxurious common amenities such as an all-inclusive clubhouse, a swimming pool, a gym, play areas, spa centres, entertainment areas, and a community hall.

Importance of Gated Communities

A gated community usually has low-density living, with diversifying options to choose from - affordable or luxurious, gated villas or gated apartments, or both, high-rise or low-rise, huge or small projects. To choose from so many options seems confusing, right? 

You must be thinking, “Why should I go through such hassle?” Well, it's because of the following reasons:

Quality of life

Do you feel like living in a place with an aesthetic appeal that complements your social status? A gated community is surely that place.

Built with modern infrastructure, security systems and of course high-end aesthetics, a gated community is the ultimate dream for those who want to live with comfort and quality. To enhance the quality of life, a lot of contemporary gated communities like Mahima Shubh Nilay or Mahima Royale provide well-managed modern amenities.

For a safe environment and a healthy lifestyle, a gated community is the answer!

Holistic living environment

Do you prefer exclusivity while buying a new place? Does your family consist of members from different age groups? If yes, then you might already know the significance of gated communities.

A holistic living environment has become an indispensable part of life and can not be ignored when making the most important decision of your life, i.e., purchasing a house. New home buyers prioritise safety, comfort, and convenience while searching for an abode. 

They look for common amenities such as a gym, a swimming pool, a kids' play area, etc., which are only possible in the case of gated housing complexes. A gated society is an integrated township that is its own ecosystem, a place for all age groups, and thus an excellent choice. 


Are you planning to buy a place that is safe, secure, and plush? Due to its safety, security, and convenience, a gated community is a perfect place to live!
Gated communities not only have restricted entrances but also have cameras installed in every corner for the utmost security of their residents. 24*7 security keeps you and your children safe from miscreants. 

Moreover, an extra wall apart from your boundary wall already adds another layer of protection, letting you live carefreely. 


Don't you feel like living in a place where you can hold meetings and interact with people of the same age group as you? If you do, then gated communities are unquestionably designed for you alone.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, work-life balance seems impossible. People are unable to meet their existing friends, let alone make new ones. But in gated communities, you automatically connect with your neighbours or others in the common gym or at the clubhouse. 

Life in gated communities brings with it the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and serves as a platform for social interactions.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in a Gated Community?

Buying a house for you and your family is a significant life achievement. After all, there is no greater joy than owning one's own home and not having to worry about paying rent. But along comes the worry of which type of house to buy - independent, duplexes, or 2/3/4 BHK apartments.? You can figure out what type of house to choose by consulting Home Buying Guide Ebook. 

But how to decide whether is it feasible to go for gated villas; apartments, or societies with both rather than an independent house or villa?

It is important for you to make an informed decision and choose the best course of action for you and your family. Even though the concept of a gated community is booming in the Indian real estate sector, there are still some reservations about it. 

So, if you are a prospective buyer trying to figure out whether to go for gated communities or not, we are here to help you by giving you the pros and cons offered by them.

So, let's go through the pros of gated communities:

Safety, Security, and Privacy:

The top priority before purchasing any house is safety and security. With their restricted access, the constant presence of security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and monitored entrances, gated communities provide a greater sense of safety and security. Miscreants, criminals, and thieves are kept at bay by the rigorous screening of those entering and leaving the gated society, ensuring everyone's safety.

If you are looking for a safe environment for your child to grow in, then gated communities are the ideal place because of the round-the-clock security they offer. Moreover, the enclosed space and residential roads provide safety from the traffic.

Gated communities also keep records of all entrants to safeguard your privacy by not allowing any salesperson to enter the premises or admitting anyone suspicious.

So if you are looking for a place that keeps your mind at peace, choose gated societies. 

Community Living:

In present times, a lot of people reside in metropolises away from their homes, which can become quite lonely at times. By providing the comfort of living in a tightly knit society, gated communities provide these individuals with a sense of family and togetherness. When you know who lives nearby, you tend to develop and cultivate a strong sense of community and belonging. That gives you extra comfort and an extended family to look after you in times of need.

If you like socialising or are a family person, then gated communities can be very blissful for you. Due to their many facilities, gated communities help you meet like-minded people, and your children can also meet kids in the same age group.

The most amazing thing about gated communities is that you get to celebrate a lot of festivals in a grand manner even when you are away from home or live in a nuclear family. Even for your parties and events you don’t have to look for a venue and can host it in the clubhouse. 

Basically, gated society rekindles the traditional charm of communal living!

Higher ROI and Rental Yield:

Due to good maintenance, the houses in gated communities never lose their sheen, and hence the price appreciation or rental yield is always on the higher side. So, if you are buying a house for investment purposes, to resell it in the future or to rent it, then gated communities can increase the value of your property significantly.

As per reports, about 82% of NRI investment is directed toward ready-to-move homes in gated communities because of their high ROI rates.

Buying a gated apartment or villa is a wise decision, as even in a weak market, they resist market fluctuations and guarantee a higher resale value. If you purchase your property from a trusted builder, you can get a new buyer in no time.

People are never hesitant to pay high rent for the extraordinary services and luxurious amenities provided by these communities, thus, gated societies guarantee a higher rental yield.

Opulent Living:

If you'd like to live in a posh and exclusive neighbourhood that screams luxury and comfort, then, without giving it a second thought, you should go for gated communities. These new-age gated housing complexes are well equipped with modern-day amenities to encourage a high standard of living.

Although you will have to pay a monthly or annual maintenance fee, you will receive the best services and common shared facilities to improve your quality of life in a gated villa or apartment compound. 

However, not every gated community has luxurious amenities, but they sure do offer comfort. The highest standards of the infrastructure of gated communities not only assure quality living but also provide you with the best of aesthetics.

Gated communities are synonymous with comfort and luxury. So, don’t wait and buy an aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable place with the best of facilities at your disposal in Jaipur. 

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Living:

If you live in a metropolis or a developing city like Jaipur, then you might have already encountered the city's pollution. A gated community, on the other hand, is planned and built with designated green spaces—parks or green lawns. 

They are even designed with the need for open space in mind. These lush, green open spaces surrounding your home provide clean, fresh air. Your children can grow up in a pollution-free environment, and elders can benefit from this too. Furthermore, greenery soothes the mind, bestowing you with mental peace and increased energy efficiency.

Gated communities are eco-friendly and promote sustainable living with solar-powered buildings, rainwater harvesting, and water treatment plants like we’ve implemented in our recent project Mahima Sansaar. It even helps you contribute towards the environment by helping you reduce carbon footprinting. For instance, all the amenities like laundry shops and grocery stores, are inside the gated enclave only, so you don't have to use a vehicle for your day-to-day shopping.

And in this day and age when spaces are crunching up these open spaces give your children enough place to play and learn. So, for a healthy lifestyle within a healthy ecosystem, choose gated communities.

Technologically Advanced and Cost-effective:

For gated communities, utilising cutting-edge technology solutions has become standard practice.

Generally, if you live in a standalone house, you might not be able to enjoy luxurious amenities at such a reasonable cost and have to compromise. But you can get smart homes at competitive prices in a gated compound. 

Moreover, you don't need to worry about maintenance, as there are associations that take care of the upkeep at a nominal monthly or annual cost. You can get the best facilities without incurring a high cost of living. Mahima Group has its in-house facility management service i.e. Finetech.

So if you want to lessen the burden on your pocket in the long run, gated apartments and villas are the solution.

Recreational Facilities at hand: 

Another advantage of living in a gated community is that you can get access to amenities and facilities that add to or complement your living standard. Luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, badminton court, clubhouse, yoga, and meditation center, spas, etc are at your disposal. 

These communities provide residents with ample opportunities for recreation, entertainment, and community building. You can also indulge in various activities without leaving the premises. And nowadays, a lot of communities are being developed based on the themes of wellness, deep focus, sports, etc. to promote healthy living.

You can use these deluxe amenities at your convenience, as homeowners get exclusive rights to such services. If you choose to live in a gated community, then you don't have to buy different memberships for gyms, sports courts, and fitness centres as you can find all of these and many more facilities within the realm of your society. You can enjoy all the above-stated amenities at Mahima Shubh Nilay Apartments.

Strategic Location:

Apart from having everything you imagined for you and your family, gated communities also tend to offer homes in strategic locations. Situated in prime locations, these communities have malls, schools, and hospitals, in close proximity, ensuring that you have all the necessary amenities at your fingertips.

Not only do you get to enjoy luxuries within your community, but you also get access to the best of what the city has to offer without having to travel too far. Moreover, you don't encounter parking problems in your society. 

So if you are looking for a place in a premium location with reasonable pricing that makes your life convenient in Jaipur, gated communities have got you covered.

Although demand for gated societies with apartments and villas is on the rise there are some cons attached to it too:

  • Since gated communities come with luxe services and facilities, they are a bit more expensive than standalone houses.
  • As gated residential complexes are concerned about their residents' safety and security, it can cause annoyance to your visitors. For example, when no one is allowed without permission, your visitors will have to go through proper screening before entering and may not be able to park within the premises, which can be inconvenient for them.
  • Due to the huge areas, they are built in, gated communities are not situated in the heart of society but in the prime or upcoming premium locations.
  • To maintain the upkeep of society and its facilities, which increase property value, homeowners' associations implement high maintenance charges.
  • Gated communities do not encourage the inclusion of outsiders, as they are built exclusively to serve specific strata of society.
  • The exclusivity of gated societies enhances the socio-economic gap between rich and poor.
  • As societies have low densities in huge spaces, they encourage urban sprawl. 
  • If you want to build your house as per your taste and preference then gated communities are not feasible as they value their aesthetic quality and don’t allow up-to-the-mark construction. 

Why do People Prefer Gated Communities in 2023?

In recent times, the demand for gated communities has witnessed a meteoric rise. But why do people keep preferring expensive gated communities over cheaper standalone houses? Here are the reasons why gated communities are preferred in 2023:

1. Post-Pandemic Factors:

Post-pandemic, gated communities are not seen as a mere luxury but a necessity. There is a surge in demand for gated communities because:
During the pandemic, people learned the importance of community living and social interaction; hence, they now prefer gated communities.
Additionally, since most amenities are within the premises, it is easier to isolate social distance and live in a bubble in a gated community.

Work-from-home has provided people with the opportunity to discover their interests and hobbies, making them utilise the amenities and facilities present in the surroundings.

2. Lifestyle Changes:

The Indian corporate world has revolutionised itself in the past couple of years. It has been offering youth attractive packages, increasing their paying capacity. With the change in income comes the desire to elevate your standard of living and lifestyle, which increases the demand for gated communities as:
Gated communities provide individuals with luxury and comfort.

After earning well, people don't like compromising and want to invest in a place that offers a luxurious lifestyle and opulent living conditions.
Increasing stress increases the desire for open spaces, greenery, modern amenities at disposal, security, and a place that can offer a healthy lifestyle to release stress. Hence, gated townships are in demand.

3. Safety, Privacy and Peaceful Environment:

Situated away from the heart of the city, gated communities provide relief from the chaos and traffic of the city.

Gated communities are ideal for senior citizens and empty nesters who want to live a peaceful life in privacy away from the outside world.
People can also experience the joy of finding their own tribe with the same interests and bonding while sharing common facilities in gated communities.
With increasing crime rates, having an extra layer of security does not just protect you and your family, it also allows you to socialise without fear. Fortunately, the extra layer of security gives you the freedom to let your children explore the outer world without any worries.


Choosing your dream house in a standalone building or gated community villa or apartment is a subjective choice. Before making a decision, you should obviously prioritise your personal preference, financial capacity, investment goals, and future planning. 

But in present times, if you are looking for a holistic option for everyone in the family, then gated communities should definitely be at the top of your list.
So, before investing in a gated community in Jaipur, keep in mind the following tips:

You should choose a reputable builder so that you don't have to worry about poor-quality services after the purchase. A trusted builder employs the highest quality infrastructure and resources to ensure that the residents can enjoy a luxurious living experience.

Go for a gated community that has gated villas and gated apartments like Mahima Shubh Nilay Villas and Mahima Sansaar because the bigger the gated societies, the higher the facilities.

Posh-gated communities like Mahima Florenza provide a heightened level of security to safeguard you from vandals and thefts.

If you think gated communities are too expensive, you are wrong. You can get budget-friendly 2/3 BHK flats in a reputed gated community and enjoy the common shared amenities.

The location of your home as well as the community are very important factors to consider. You should buy your dream house in the middle of a gated community situated in a prime location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a gated community?

A gated community is a residential setting that is protected by fixed entry and exit gates. It also has various amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, kids' play area, and parks within the realm of the residential compound. It is a cluster of villas and apartments guarded by a common boundary wall.

How safe are gated communities?

A gated community has restricted and strictly monitored entry and exit. Security guards note down the details of people entering and leaving. Cameras are installed to keep an eye on everyone and ensure protection against the theft of valuable property. 

What is a gated community villa?

A gated community villa includes independent bungalows and villas with luxurious amenities grouped together based on their size enclosed within a boundary.

What are the top gated community villas projects in Jaipur?

  • Mahima Spring Villa
  • Mahima Shubh Nilay Villa
  • Mahima Windchimes
  • Mahima Kopal
  • Mahima CityVille

What are the top gated community apartments project in Jaipur?

  • Mahima Sansaar
  • Mahima Shubh Nilay Apartment
  • Mansion Royale
  • Mahima Bellevista
  • Mahima Florenza
  • Mahima Panache
  • Mahima Uday

How are standalone buildings different from gated communities?

A standalone building is an independent, free structure with few to no amenities, whereas a gated community is a residential housing estate with well-established common shared amenities.