As India’s infrastructure has picked up growth in recent years, the expansion of real estate in the metro has become quite vertical due to a lack of space. This development often becomes a source of suffocation for the city dwellers. 

Recent studies suggest that during the Pre-Covid timeline over 92-93% of buyers went for homes in the centre of the city. However, this number has changed drastically.

Thus, Farmhouses saw a sudden rise in popularity especially post-COVID as people were confined to the spaces of their metropolitan homes. However, Managed Farm Mansions take the natural setting of farmhouses and add the element of luxury to them. To know more about the differences between the two read below→ 

Top 5 difference between Managed Farm Mansions and Farmhouses

Farmhouse & Farm Mansion Security 

One of the major downfalls or worries that come with Farmhouses is the security concerns that come with open farmlands. Farmhouses are usually situated in remote areas, one has to secure them by physical barriers, employ a guard, plant cover crops, and much more.
Managed Farm Mansions create a secure environment for you without invading your privacy. Managed Farm Mansions are situated in a gated community that is under 24*7 surveillance throughout the year.

Farmhouse & Farm Mansion Location 

Most Farmhouses are located in remote areas. This leads to the hassle of preplanning and makes it less accessible. 
On the other hand, Managed Farm Mansions are located within city areas and are much accessible. So that you can spend time, relax and rejuvenate anytime you want. Be it a weekend getaway or an impromptu plan. 

Farmhouse & Farm Mansion Maintenance 

Maintenance is perhaps the biggest hassle that comes with Farmhouses. Such large open spaces cannot be maintained individually and require a lot of attention and time. And, every time you visit most of your hours will be spent in either its restoration or upkeep. Not to mention how their remote location makes this task even harder. 

Managed Farm Mansions provide round the clock for you and your property. So that it is ready for you to visit whenever you want to. The group of well-equipped professionals are ready to cater to you 24*7. Thus, you never have to worry about the state of your property whether you’re present or not. 

Farmhouse & Farm Mansion Networking 

While a Farmhouse provides privacy, it also cuts you off from the world. And as they say, your network is your net worth!

Managed Farm Mansion arms you with the natural privacy of a thick and tall treeline but it also provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a community. So that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Farmhouse & Farm Mansion Amenities 

Farmhouses are limited to the experience of the property itself. This can make its utility decrease over time as your experience there will slowly start to feel mundane. Any new change you make to the property will require an ample amount of time and investment. 

Managed Farm Mansions are not limited to mere property. The aim is to create luxury for you in the lap of nature. There are various thematic experiences in the gated community such as kids' play area, clubhouse, and much more! So that every experience remains fresh and engaging for you. 


As everyone is looking for open spaces, it is evident that managed farm mansions are the way to go for an escape from the ever-growing hustle-bustle of the cityscape. On that note, Mahima Group’s Windchimes is the project to look out for. With the perfect blend of luxury in the lap of nature, you can experience the calm and tranquillity of a farmhouse with a range of amenities, security, and opportunities to network with like-minded people.