mahima group newsletter june 2020

From the Desk of CMD

Dear All,

Warm greetings!

Hope you all are safe and doing well with your loved ones. We are passing through a phase that demands our active support and understanding more than ever. Corona is taking a heavy toll on our collective lives. We need to understand the importance of social distancing and sanitising every touch we are exposed to. For people like site workers, it is even worse. As a responsible corporate, we have done our bit during the active lockdown by providing ration, medicines and other necessary items to all our site workers.  

Now as the lockdown is easing out, all our sites have been equipped with construction material well in advance and the work has been resumed across sites. These sites include Sansaar, Spring Villas, Shubh Nilay, Florenza and Uday. All sites are being sanitised at regular intervals and proper health check-ups for all site workers and other team members are being conducted. Corona safety measures have been included in the standard construction practice for complete assurance. Every individual present on the construction sites following proper social distancing.

What's more, we are reviewing our project planning and making them future-ready for situations like Corona. Every fine detail of the project is being drafted keeping the Corona learnings in mind. 

I am sure that together we will come out of it as a winner without stopping the wheels of progress.

Take good care of yourself and your family and be safe while putting things back on track.

Dhirendra Madan



'Kiraye se azaadi'

- An initiative by Mahima Group

Dear All,

For every tenant, owning a home is a cherished dream that moves their world. They put every possible effort to turn their dream into a living reality. Generally, fear of bearing the burden of rent and EMI together makes it difficult for a tenant to buy a home. To address the issues in an effective way, Mahima Group has come up with a campaign called "Kiraye se Azaadi". It's a unique offer where the tenant has two options to choose from. In the first option, if they buy a home in our under-construction project then they will have to pay EMI only after possession, while if they buy a home in our ready-to-move-in project then Mahima Group would pay 50% of their EMI amount for 36 months. If you see it carefully, in the first case the buyer is free from EMI burden till the possession while in the second they will be paying an amount almost equal to their existing rent. We are getting a great response and people from all walks of life are showing interest in the offer. I hope this campaign would become a stepping stone for turning many dreams into a reality.

Choose your option to own your home without any hassles.

1.Freedon plan: no EMI Till Possession 2.Sharing is caring plan:we Will pay 50% amount of your 36EMIs

Nikhil Madan


Resident CONNECT

-Creative Activities to Keep Life Smiling

Mahima Group has ensured a creatively busy homestay for residents during the lockdown. Many creative and fun activities have been organised for all age groups. The group conducted online painting and Super Chef cooking competitions during the period. People of all age groups participated in the virtual event and shared their skills with other fellow residents. Both events garnered great participation and proved to be a nice engagement exercise during the time of distress. Many of the residents termed these events as positive catalysts when the going was really tough.  


Taruna Rathore-Winner
Manya Narendra-1st Runner Up
Himani Yadav- 2nd Runner Up
painting by Taruna Rathore
painting by Manya Narendra
painting by Himani Yadav


Ritu Lila-Winner
Urvashi SIngh-1stRunner Up
Neelam Agarwal-2nd Runner Up-I
Muskan-2nd Runner Up-II

Resident Diaries

-winning the Lockdown Blues

Residents of Mahima Group projects took it to themselves to make the lockdown a super-charged saga of spending time with family and winning the moments. Board games came out of the closets to be the playground of the lockdown times. Guitars and keyboards found their maestros all over again. There were moments of smiles, sweet fights and needless to say the life was winning hearts to make it easy going in rough times.

Soni Family-Nirvana
Aradhya Maharishi-Panache
Singh Family-Kopal
Maheshwari Family-Panache
Gupta Family-Elanza
Chauhan Family -Nirvana


-Dry Ration & Sweet Distribution For Site Workers

The lockdown has given a tough time to site workers in managing their daily lives. Mahima Group took the onus during the critical Corona Virus lockdown period and ensured regular distribution of dry ration, medicines and other essential stuff to all Mahima Group projects site workers. The whole exercise has been conducted by a team of trained professionals. Dhirendra Madan, Chairman & Managing Director, Mahima Group, personally distributed sweets to the workers. Sanitisation of workers' colonies and health check-ups for them have also been conducted during the time. Safety orientation sessions have been organised for workers where they have learned ways and means to handle the situation in an informed way.

Employee First

-philosophy at

Employees at Mahima Group are one of the most important resources the company has. During the lockdown, the group has taken proper care of its employees. All employees were kept in the loop for any help or assistance. Special arrangements have been made to take extra care of on-duty staff during the lockdown. Every working member of the team has been provided with the Corona Virus safety stuff like PPE kit, hand gloves, sanitisers, masks etc. Mahima Group also conducted regular health check-ups of on-duty team members. Mahima Group, as a responsible corporate, recognises and appreciates efforts and commitment of team members during the testing times.

Virtual site visits & meeting

To keep business and services going, team Mahima relentlessly worked from home during the lockdown. Most of the group's services were made available remotely during the lockdown period. Mahima Group has started the culture of virtual meetings and site visits for most of its projects. People received the idea well and showed a keen interest in virtual site meetings. Virtual site visits have paved the way for the idea of Digital India and showed how technology can empower us even in tougher times. Mahima Group intends to take the idea of technology-driven customer experiences even further in the times to come.

Coping Up with Corona

- Regular Site Sanitisation & Proper Safety Arrangements
Mahima`s Elanza
Mahima`s Florenza
Mahima`s Bellevista
Thermal Screening
Social Distancing
Regular Health Check-ups

Post lockdown every site is being sanitised at regular intervals. All touchpoints of construction in and out of sites are being monitored closely and also being managed by a team of well-trained professionals. For Mahima Group, health of employees and workers involved in various jobs is of utmost importance and that's why the company is taking every possible step to make it absolutely safe by conducting regular health check-ups on sites.


Construction On Sites

-Started with Confidence

Mahima Group stood in solidarity with its site works by providing them rations, medicines and other essential stuff during the lockdown. It was more of a family feeling for both sides where the bond of trust was quite palpable. Workers responded in a positive way and stayed back for the lockdown to open. Post lockdown the workers are showing full cooperation and working hard to meet the deadlines. Mahima Group became the first real estate company of Rajasthan to start work immediately after the lifting of lockdown from 28th May 2020. Someone rightly said, "together we can achieve more."

Mahima`s Sansaar
Mahima`s Florenza
Mahima`s Shubh Nilay


Post Corona

- Corporate office Work Culture

Now when we all know that working with Corona Virus is the new normal, Mahima Group has geared up for a Corona-ready work environment. The group is working with 33% staff capacity where employees are coming to office on alternate days. Frequent orientation sessions are making employees ready for Corona-safe work environment. Special arrangements have been made to ensure regular health check-ups of every team member working inside the office premise. Standard work practice now includes-


  • Virtual meetings and Site visits instead of physical meetings
  • Social distancing inside the office with proper sanitisation of all touchpoints
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory
  • Virtual project tour is an integral part of Mahima Group’s sales process


Thermal Screening
Mask Is Compulsory
Maintaining Social Distancing

Down The Memory Lane

New Year Celebration

New year celebration was organised in all Mahima Group’s projects in a big way. There were various arrangments like food, games and music to make it a buzzing affair. Bubbly discussions and photography were the topics of discussion during the events. Residents of various projects participated and created memories of a lifetime.

Republic Day Celebration

Mahima Group is known for celebrating the republic day across all its projects. Flag hoisting ceremony is the main attraction of the celebration. This year too, various cultural programmes graced the occasion. Project management of various societies distributed sweets to celebrate the spirit of the occasion.

Kite Festival at Sansaar

On 12th Jan 2020 a Kite Festival had been organised on Mahima’s Sansaar project site. Participants from all projects participated in this vibrant event and created memories for all kite lovers. More than 1500 people were there to grace the occasion. A sky full of vibrant kites created a sense of awe among the gathering.


Inter-Society Premier League

Mahima Inter-society Premier League is a sports carnival that goes beyond the boundaries of sport and binds residents of Mahima Group projects. In a bouquet of sports activities, the Inter-society Premier League offered a platform to the residents of Mahima Group projects to come out of their typical routine and play various sports. The league was organised from 11th to 15th Jan 2020.


Team Elanza
Team Kopal
Team Panorama


What`s New

- At Mahima Group
Launch of Shubh Nilay Phase II

Mahima Group has recently launched Phase II of its popular project Mahima’s Shubh Nilay. The project offers two options of 3 BHK luxurious flats having 1261 sq. ft and 1519 sq. ft of super built-up area. The sample flat of Shubh Nilay is open for a visit. Mahima’s Shubh Nilay boasts wide-open spaces. The project also houses a commercial complex within its premise which advocates the concept of 'walk to work'. In a unique attempt, Mahima’s Shubh Nilay provides a dedicated kids section in its clubhouse. The project is getting an astounding response from the visitors and also receiving words of appreciation for its unique design and amenities.

Launch of Mahima Udaan

Mahima Udaan is an interesting scheme to earn money by sitting at the comfort of home. Under the scheme, interested individual needs to register on Mahima Udaan by clicking the link on Mahima Group website. There are rewards for both site visits and sale conversion. No wonder that Mahima Udaan turned out to be an instant hit. People of all age groups and backgrounds registered with it in full enthusiasm. Udaan showed people how earning can be made possible without making it complicated.

Launch of kiraye se Aazaadi Campaign

Now buying your own home doesn't mean paying rent and EMI both. If you buy a home in Mahima's under-construction project, you don't need to pay EMI till possession. And, if you buy it in ready-to-move-in project then Mahima Group would pay half of your EMI amount for the next 36 months which means you would be paying almost equal to your rent. Get freedom from rent and choose your option to own your home without any hassles.

Mahima Uday

- On time Safe Delivery

Mahima’s Uday delivery came as a sweet surprise for its buyers. The project was delivered before the coronavirus lockdown and many families shifted safely. Mahima’s Uday offers 2 BHK apartments with many facilities including a clubhouse. The open landcscape area of 72% gives a great sense of openness to its occupants. People were ecstatic about shifting to their dream homes before the coronavirus lockdown.

Mahima Group

- In Media

Mahima Group has always been in media for all the good reasons. Sometimes it's about the induction of innovative technology and sometimes it's about connecting with the community. These news pieces act as a media of disseminating important information, update and other regular communication to the Mahima Group customers, prospects, associates and vendors. More than just news, Mahima Group naturally connects to society as an active and responsible member of the larger community.









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