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Most Effective Vastu Tips for Bedroom and A Peaceful Life

There is a lot of Buzz about Vaastu compliant homes and the role of vastu in everyday life! People set up their homes and offices according to vastu to reap significant benefits from this ancient science.

According to most of the people, the Bedroom is one such place where most of the vastu items and tips are used. A bedroom is a place where you rest and wish to spend peaceful times with all the positivity that will help you gear up for the next day. Hence, you must incorporate the most effective Vastu Tips for Bedroom for peaceful sleep and harmony among the family as well.

In support of the matter, it would be necessary to add, according to a study conducted by across eight major cities, nearly 93 percent of home buyers prefer vastu compliant homes. Almost 33 percent of the buyers consider ”directions” in the house most important when it comes to choosing a property.

In this blog, we will talk about some bedroom vastu tips that will make your room a blessed place enriched with positivity and good vibes all day.

6 Vastu Tips for Bedroom

6 vastu tips for bedroom

When sleep is an essential part of life, then the place you sleep in should be well-maintained to give you the comfort and peace you need. Setting up your Bedroom according to vastu, will not only maintain good bonds among couples and family, but it will also give you a peaceful and stress-free sleep!

Owing to the immense benefits of Vastu shastra, Mahima Group makes sure that each flat is built and designed with the help of vastu tips to give its residents a happy and fulfilling life.

In fact, it is also said that having a vastu compliant bedroom lowers the risk of quarrels or tension amongst the family members.

1. Position of the Bed and Room

It is better to avoid having a bedroom in the North-East direction as this zone disturbs the mind of the residents and makes them irritable as well. To have good harmony and bonding, the newly-wed couples should not place their Bedroom in the East-South-East, South-South-West, and West-North-West directions.

On a positive side, the bedrooms in South-South-East are better to promotes physical and mental strength among the couples and South induces sound and relaxed sleep. Also, the bedrooms in the North are useful for career and business opportunities. 

2. Colour and Colour Temperature of the Room

The colour of your room significantly affects your mood and impacts the vibes around you. The Bedroom should emit peaceful and calm vibes; hence the colour of the room should also be chosen carefully.

It’s better to choose light shades of colours like pink, cream, white, peach or lighter shades of red. You can also go for tones like light brown, almond or neutral shades. Do not go for bright or dark blue or red colour as they are known to give out intense and passionate vibes which some people might find disturbing.

3. Keep it Clean

A lot of mess around the home or inside the room can absorb the positive vibes and give out negative ones. The clutter is also known to induce irritability in the inhabitants of the house.

It is wise to keep the room clean by getting rid of unwanted items like the broken showpieces or chipped glass to attract good energy flow. Clean spaces also allow free flow of good vibes and enhances clarity in work and mind of the people who live there.

4. Position of the Mirror Matters

Placement of the mirror is the most widely talked about issue when it comes to bedroom vastu tips! According to vastu, the mirror should not ideally be placed inside the Bedroom, but, in modern times, where convenience comes first, the dressing tables are inside the bedrooms.

It is essential to keep in mind that the mirror should not face the bed as the mirror reflects your negative image, and hence it is considered as unfortunate to have a negative reflection of bed while sleeping.

5. Bring Fragrances into Play

Refreshing aromas are known to uplift mood and make the person happier. To feel rejuvenated, it is good to have essential oils, aromatic candles, diffusers or potpourri in the rooms.

You can choose jasmine, Satsuma and lavender to use in the room for a better mood and fresh feeling all day long. You can also use indoor plants for pleasant smelling and a bedroom with better environments & clean air.

6. Hang Paintings Accordingly

Hanging painting inside the rooms affect your mental and physical well-being to a great extent. The picture or showpieces that depict sorrow, grief, or loneliness are not for the Bedroom.

Flower arts, blessing Buddha, running horses, and paintings with loving energy are considered as ideal wall hangings for the Bedroom to strengthen marital bonds among couples and bring peace & success.

Vastu for Home and Rooms

vastu for home and rooms

Including useful vastu tips in your room will not only enhance the positivity but will also give you a peaceful sleep. Practical vastu tips and tricks for homes like choosing the right colours, placing the bed in the South or southeast direction, avoiding mirrors, and using aromatic candles induces harmony among family members.

Furthermore, to gain the maximum benefits of vastu, it is advised to go for vastu compliant homes, which will have bedrooms and other corners of the house designed according to vastu.

Let us know if these tips helped you in your home. Tell us how you would like to design your home based upon the vastu tips and tricks.

Do not forget to leave a comment or share your views on the same!

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