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A Comprehensive User Guide on How to Keep Building Clean

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” – A proverb that we all know since childhood, but some of us forgot to apply it in real life. When we buy an apartment in a building, we become a part of the society that is our responsibility; it also falls in our share of how to keep building clean.

It is vital to keep our building clean, safe, and up to date. Furthermore, the combined efforts of both the builder and the residents will be helpful in maintaining the Cleanliness of the building.

Moreover, a maintained building is the first thing you check when you are buying a home for the first time. The further checklist of buying a home comes later!

On the contrary, some people take their buildings and residential premises for granted. Rather than keeping it clean themselves, they leave the entire work and all the cleaning activities up to the builders. At the same time, some think that living in an apartment makes

them equally accountable for the maintenance of their building.

The debates of why’s and how’s are endless!

But before going for how, 

Let us know why?

Why is it Important to Keep the Building Clean?

We all are aware of the importance of living in a clean environment. More than physically, living in a cleaner place affects us mentally.

Daily, weekly or monthly cleaning not only makes your surroundings clean but also gives you a disciplined routine. According to some studies, a regular practice of cleaning makes you more productive.

Furthermore, living in a clean ambiance keeps you healthy by eliminating various viruses and bacteria from the environment. In fact, keeping the surroundings clean is one of the most significant features of designing homes post COVID-19

Moreover, keeping your building clean inculcates a sense of responsibility towards your complex, and when kids see you keeping your areas clean; they also learn healthy habits.

And now to answer our second question, 

How to keep Buildings Clean?

Carrying out a Few simple things regularly will make your building a cleaner and safer place to live. Like,

01. Wise Waste Management:

Wise waste management for keep clean your building

Who likes litter lying around their complex, in the common areas, around the car parks, or in the hallway?

Of course, no one does! So why not make it a responsibility to take care of our apartments and devise various ways to maintain a building.

The first step would be to design a designated place for waste disposal. The area should preferably have a covered bin or a covered land area. The next step is to ask the residents to throw all kinds of waste in that specific area rather than keeping a black-bag outside their apartments or hallways.

Also, make sure that the kids do not litter around or throw a pack of chips, toffee wrappers, or tissue papers in common areas like hallways or gardens.

02. Take Care of Pet Waste:

maintaining pet hygiene in building

Owning a pet is one of the best things and maintaining hygiene with it is the next best. If you are a proud owner of a pet and live in a building, it is vital to keep an eye on its activities.

Firstly, Train your pet to not defecate in homes or the hallways. Secondly, ensure proper disposal of your pet’s waste when you take them out for a walk in the community garden or tracks in the complex.

This little step will not only help in keeping the society clean but will also keep it hygienic.

03. Enjoy the Festivals, Responsibly: 

Enjoy the festivals and keep clean building

The joy of celebrating festivals inside a township is undoubtedly the best. The social life and the charm of celebrating it with your friends and family in one place are bliss, but most of the time, the aftermath is not appealing.

When on Diwali, the next morning you witness papers and burnt crackers lying around, post the Holi you might also witness colors all over the grass or even torn kites after Makar Sankranti.

Hence, to avoid these unpleasant situations, make sure that once the festival has ended, you collect all the belongings or dispose of the unusable materials inside the bin. Doing these 5-minute things will save hours of cleaning the premises the next day.

04. Cooperate with the Maintenance Team:

Cooperate with the maintenance team

The professional maintenance team of your building is well-trained. They are very well aware of the ways on how to keep the buildings clean as it is a part of their job.

Therefore, each resident of the building should preferably follow the rules set by the maintenance team. Everyone’s contribution counts in keeping the complex tidy and well put.

Talking about the Mahima Group properties, the in-house team of Mahima Group, Finetech, is well trained and is aware of all the measures needed to keep a building maintained. Finetech makes sure that all the maintenance issues are readily solved.

Hence, We Can Say That

Your apartment and the building becomes your responsibility as soon as you buy a home in it. To live a happy and healthy life, each resident must make the building’s cleanliness as their prime concern.

Little measures like proper waste disposal, being responsible for the festival celebration, and co-operating with the buildings, the maintenance team will go a long way in how to keep building clean. 

Tanvi Punjabi

Tanvi Punjabi is a prolific content writer and has been creating user engaging content for the last 3 years. She currently works with Mahima Real estate as a writer & blogger and writes unbiased opinions about the real estate. She generally pens down her thoughts about home improvement, property buying, real estate market and tips & tricks. When she is not glued to the laptop, she is found reading books that include fiction & self-improvement.

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