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10 Things to Consider Before Buying a House

Choosing a perfect house for you and your family is the most crucial decision of your life as you are investing your capital in a habitation that will be your safe space, your go-to-place, and your identity. The kind of house you choose also reflects your personality and your lifestyle. Hence, it is crucial that before you buy a house, you should do your homework and take a look at some important things to consider before buying a house.

You will have to check out a few things that you wish to have in your New Home and also convey them to the realtors before you start house hunting. If the dealers are fully aware of your needs, they will show you the properties that match your specifications.
Laying out your requirements will save your time and the hard work of shuffling among ineffectual houses.

Many people tend to get off-track while house-hunting in the initial stages. They might get distracted by attractive installment options or by other futile benefits provided by the realtor. This, in turn, will make you invest in a property that’s not beneficial for you in the long run.

Its good to consider different options before finalizing. You can choose among a plethora of features, location, amenities, room and much more that will help you decide

All we need to know now is…


What Things to Consider Before Buying a House

What if after a lot of meticulous planning and hard work you finally buy a house and realize that there are few features that you have missed out? You will experience disappointments as the home you wanted to live in, isn’t the perfect choice when it comes to comfort or ease of living.

Hence, to save yourself from a setback, have a glance at these important things to consider before searching a house


1. Choose the Right Location:

Choose the right location

When you select a home with a strategic location in the prime area of the city it’s a bonus. If the home you live in is well-connected to all the important places like healthcare centers, educational institutes, recreational centers, and airports, you love living at your home and feel happy to live in a happening area.

Also, it is equally important to choose a home with the right neighbourhood. A child’s growth is greatly affected by both the family’s environment and the type of neighborhood too.


2. Price of the Property (and what you get at that price) :

Price of the property

Buying a good home will cost you your hard-earned money, and you will never want it to go for a toss if you buy something which will not appeal to you or provide you the comfort you desire.

Before you close the deal, ask your realtor to provide you with all the details of the home including the fittings, furnishing, flooring quality, glasses, etc.

If you are opting for a flat, take a look at the amenities that you are getting at the price of a home.

For example: look for a clubhouse, gym, garden area, swimming pool or other amenities that will make your investment worth every penny.


3. Number of Bedrooms:

Number of Bedrooms

Determining the No. of bedrooms is one of the most important things that you must take intp consideration before buying a house. Choose the bedrooms based upon your future requirements and not upon your present-day needs.

Whether you live in a joint family or prefer to stay as a nuclear family, the number of bedrooms should be enough to suffice and meet the needs of a growing family.

Apart from this, if you are a frequent host, it’s essential to have a guest room to provide sufficient space for everyone in the home.

Hence, choosing a home with a convenient number of bedrooms will be one of your smart choices!


4. Number and Type of Bathrooms:

Number and Type of Bathrooms

Take care that your home has an appropriate number of bathrooms or the number of bathrooms is in proportion to the number of bedrooms. If the number of bathrooms are restricted to one in a typically old fashioned home, you have to be sure you can live with that arrangement if remodeling or another built isn’t feasible.

If you need a leisure bath you can also opt for bathrooms with a bathtub or Jacuzzi, and you can go for a decent-sized bathroom where you can easily incorporate one.


5. Kitchen Structure and Space:

Kitchen structure and space

If you love to make feel-good food for yourself or your family then a good and spacious kitchen is a must in your home.

While buying the home, make sure to look for the kitchen with sufficient space to move around and a well-spaced kitchen top. Some people have large families to feed, and some people will only have to cook for 3-4 people. Depending upon the style of the kitchen your family requires, make sure to give your kitchen a closer look.
Be clear with the type of kitchen you want and convey your requirements, whether you require a large gourmet kitchen with lots of counter space and storage or a typical kitchen for regular meals will suffice.


6. Open Space in the Residential Apartments:

Open space in the residential apartments

Good open space in residential apartment is not only beneficial for the circulation of fresh air inside the home but also has health benefits.

It’s good to take a morning stroll or an evening walk amidst nature. You can enjoy the goodness of health along with a good view from your balcony if you have an appropriate open space.

A well-maintained open space in the apartments will also allow your kids to spend some time away from the TV and phone screens to play outside and socialize with other kids.


7. Quality of Construction Matters:

Quality of construction matters

Among many things to consider before buying a house, this is one of the most important things to check. Quality of construction is an absolute necessity when it comes to choosing a place that will be your and your family’s abode.

Look beyond the paint and inspect the construction quality. Talk to the builder if you wish to and ask for the materials used for construction.

Also, Check for the kind of iron bars and pillars that have been used in the initial stages of construction. Get proper information about the height of the ceiling and the right-angled corners that are the sign of a good looking home.

Take a closer look at any cracks that are hidden behind the coat of paint as they will hamper the strength of walls over time.


8. Legal Property and Fair Paperwork:

Legal property and fair paperwork

You are excited because you just finalized the home of your dreams and will be decorating according to you but do not forget the legal and official paperwork.
Before signing the property papers and getting the keys, check the important papers like Title Deed, location map, property assessment extract, property PID number, city survey sketch, up-to-date tax paid receipt, earlier sanctioned plans, property drawings, 2 copies of demand drafts and foundation certificate.

Legal property documents are the most important part of any property investment, be it an empty plot or a fully furnished apartment. When you are sure about all the financial and legal matters you can live freely in your fully secure home,


9. Maintenance Matters:

Maintenance matters

After buying a house you will also have to maintain to make sure that it looks as good as new.

If you’re buying a newly constructed home, there won’t be much you need to do, but if the home has already been inhabited there is quite a list of potential maintenance items. The list might include general repairs, a few replacements or additions that would make the house a perfect home.

An efficient maintenance team is essential for a comfortable living. Choose a home that has in-house maintenance team and can readily solve your problems so that you never have to go even a day with home-based issues.


10. Vaastu Compliant Homes:

Vaastu compliant homes

Vastu Shastra is a traditional practice that is used in day-to-day life to bring an extra boost of good luck and enhance positivity in a house or workplace.

When you opt for a Vaastu compliant home; you give yourself the benefits of health, improved financial security and better harmony among family members.

If you have moved into a newly bought home, you can still use several tools and remedies to optimize your space. Experience the change in your lifestyle and vibes of your home when you start living in a complete Vastu-proofed home.


To conclude:

You will put in a lot of time and hard-earned money while looking for the perfect kind of home for your family, which will be their place of fun, leisure, and comfort for a very long while. Hence, it would be best if you were sure about what to check before buying a house.
With the support of your realtor and home inspector, you can get a perfect house which fulfills the need of you and your family. Factors like the location of the home, number of bedrooms, price of the home and additional amenities are some little things that affect your living and comfort.

Investing some time in jotting down your requirements and things to consider before buying a house will save yourself from the disappointments later.

Find the right home for the right living!

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