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How to Keep up the Productivity in Times of COVID–19

The COVID–19 pandemic has severely affected all the verticals of business and the lockdown that followed is acting as a catalyst. The professionals are trying to save themselves from the laid-back attitude and to stay productive during COVID-19 time while helping clients with their innovative ways of working.

With the number of cases increasing at an unstoppable speed, many companies are resorting to working from home to stop the rapid spread & to save their resources from coronavirus’ deadly wave.

After all, it’s not necessary to put your life on hold too if the world is at a standstill due to the coronavirus!

With the shift in workplaces from office desks to a room at home, the work is disturbed and so is the productivity. It is important that you stay productive during coronavirus time and save yourself from going stir-crazy that can lead to irreparable damage to the workaholic in you.

“77% of the workforce say they want to continue to work from home, at least weekly, when the pandemic is over.” – Says Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics. Lister estimates that 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

This gives us enough reasons to make our homes, our new workplaces for the upcoming times. The coronavirus is here to stay for a long time and so is your work from home.

So now your question would be…

How to Stay Productive During Coronavirus Lockdown Time

stay productive during coronavirus lockdown

Many people are complaining about the lack of focus, lack of concentration and restlessness. To resolve this issue, you must bring about some changes in your lifestyle and your home designs as well.

Let us take a look at what can we do to stay productive during COVID-19 lockdown time while working from home.

Stick to a Work Schedule Even at Home

When you stay at home, the regular schedule goes for a toss! And this is a major reason why people tend to become lazy, careless and unproductive while at home. To make the most out of your work from home, you must follow a disciplined routine and if needed, you can even take some help from the technology.

The app store is filled with many such applications which will help you to be your productive best and allows you to keep a check on daily tasks. You can choose out of many useful apps which will help you in maintaining a to-do-list or you can also schedule your tasks with these easy schedule apps.

Don’t be Easily Distracted While Working

Feeling distracted is a part of work but not to be carried away by it is a work ethic. Your phone is the most distracting thing and one beep can waste minutes and hours of your efficient work time

It’s better to avoid the regular notifications on the phone by keeping the phone at bay while working. If you have the latest smartphone, you must be familiar with the work-life balance option where you can choose only the important notifications to show up for a set period of time.

To design your workplace at home, use these interior design ideas to optimize your home post COVID-19 for creating an efficient workspace. Also, stay productive while working from home make sure you inform your family members about your working hours to avoid hindrances from them while working.

Keep in Touch with the Team

Zoom, slack, Google hangouts and Skype are few services which made the collaboration while WFH easy for professionals. Having regular con-calls with your team members can help monitor each other’s work and also keeps you inspired while working alone at home.

To maintain the record of every day’s work hours, you can even ask your teammates to enter their log-in and log-off timings. This will not only help in keeping a track on working hours but will also help you in maintaining regularity of work.

Make Time to Learn Some Free Courses

How many times did you think of learning something new but couldn’t do so due to lack of time? Now is your chance to learn everything you wanted to! With so much free time in your hand, the lockdown is the most opportune time to do so and stay productive during COVID-19 lockdown time.

The lockdown is taking a toll on each of us but we can keep away from it by indulging in some productive and creative courses which will also up-skill us for the future. Find a course that suits you the best at platforms like Coursera, Hubspot, Udemy etc. and get certificates for the same, move out with a new skill and incorporate it in your work.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Workout

If you feel good then you are more productive! While working from home make sure to take some time for a workout, meditation or yoga. Squeezing in a 30-minute workout every day will keep you fit and will also offer some physical activity.

If you cannot go out, you can even dedicate a space of your flat to your workout corner and lay the yoga mat every morning. It’s even better if you have a spacious 2 BHK flat or 3 BHK flat to solve the issues of space inside the house.

Do you know that working out releases endorphin hormone in your body which helps in elevating the mood? There are many apps which will help in your workouts depending upon your fitness levels like Curefit, Nike Training App, and Yoga for beginners & more.

Hence, to keep yourself happy, productive and to rewire your thoughts, it is important to work out amidst a busy day’s schedule. 

In a Nutshell

During the coronavirus outbreak, it is every professional’s duty to understand the gravity of the situation and to work effectively while at home. To stay productive during COVID-19 lockdown time you can take help from some apps to maintain a to-do-list, stay connected with your team and even make time to learn some free courses to enhance your skills.

To keep your focus on and feel fresh while working, it is absolutely essential that you have some open spaces in your residential apartments. 

While staying at home, prioritize your mental and physical health, and make sure to keep yourself and your family safe!

Tanvi Punjabi

Tanvi Punjabi is a prolific content writer and has been creating user engaging content for the last 3 years. She currently works with Mahima Real estate as a writer & blogger and writes unbiased opinions about the real estate. She generally pens down her thoughts about home improvement, property buying, real estate market and tips & tricks. When she is not glued to the laptop, she is found reading books that include fiction & self-improvement.

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