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Reasons to Choose Professionals for building Maintenance

Let’s face it! – If you are living in an apartment or a society, then at some point in time you might have complained about high maintenance charges.

Many times you might have even refused to get the maintenance done from the builder thinking that mere cleaning, painting, oiling the doors, and many other things that are often overlooked are a piece of cake.

Well, then you are wrong!

Maintenance of a building is of utmost importance and needless to say that improperly maintained buildings can lead to significant issues in the long run. An adage, that prevention is better than cure stands true for the maintenance of a building too!

Maintaining your complex is essential to preserve and keep the building in its original shape. It also helps in keeping the environment of the building clean, along with offering a safe residence to work and live.

Here we talk to Mr. Kapil Raisinghani (VP Sales and Marketing) Mahima group, about the main reasons why the builder should only maintain the building and why the building should be kept up to date. 

Raisinghani says – “Many people are concerned about the post-sale services while buying a flat. In my opinion, the builder who carves an abode out of a barren land knows all about the bricks and sands of it and thus has the confidence to maintain it as well.”

Though there are numerous reasons why the builder should do the maintenance of a building, here we have highlighted a few stating the importance of professional maintenance.

Let’s discuss in detail about,

Why Should the Builder Maintain the Building?

01. Saves Your Time:

time effective building maintenance

None of us is a fan of seeing repair works going on for days or weeks! Thus, if a professional team takes charge of cleaning your building, then you can get your work done in a time-effective way without having to spend hours on the maintenance.

Getting the work done within a small period will be beneficial for the residents of the society as well and will not hamper everyday life too!

02. Has a Good Know-How: 

team of maintenance professionals with an experience

When the maintenance of a building is done by the professional, you can have the surety that there is no compromise in the quality. The team of maintenance professionals with an experience of many years and various tasks knows how to handle and take care of all the little things.

From lobbies to the clubhouse and from electricity to water supply, the professionals have a thorough knowledge of them all.

And to keep the projects of Mahima Group well-maintained the Finetech maintenance team of Mahima Group is highly trained to deal with the emergency issues in the society as well as the major repair or maintenance of the society.

03. Knows the Inside of the Building: 

builders or professionals Knows the inside of the building

While working on a long-term basis, the team assigned by the builder for the maintenance becomes aware of the weak and strong points of your building. This helps in taking care of those points of the apartments which can cause significant problems in the long run.

A proper focus on all the critical points of the buildings helps in keeping the maintenance up-to-date.

04. Is Cost-Effective: 

professional team of maintenance knows the cost of repair

Scheduling for regular repairs at periodic intervals is easier as compared to the emergencies which might lead to a budget issue. Needless to say, emergencies can cause unpredictable and substantial expenses.

Moreover, the professional team of maintenance knows the perfect time of repair and costs of all the materials required for the task and can get the work done at a relatively lesser cost. If an amateur does the work, they might not be able to get the proper materials, and if they do, it might be heavy on your pockets too!

While Winding Off, 

We can say that the maintenance of the building is easy only when this work is done by a professional.

Thus, before taking the task of maintenance in your hands, think twice whether you or your team will be able to work professionally and end up putting the lives of the residents at risk? Or will let the team of professionals handle all the tasks efficiently.

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