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Want Real Estate Investment Under Lockdown – Mahima Group Will Help

When the year 2020 rolled in, everyone was set to celebrate the colors of positivity, but on the contrary, we all got locked down in our homes. Due to the pandemic Covid-19, the world is witnessing a threat that will continue to haunt us for a long time.

This is an entirely new path that everyone, all over the world, is walking on. People have seen significant changes and some very disappointing lows and depreciation of their investments.

And to add to the sequence of unfortunate events, the Yes bank was also announced as bankrupt even before the lockdown which was a major blow to everyone who was related to the yes bank.

Furthermore, now the markets have crashed, shares and equity funds have hit a slashing low, and gold has reduced in price.

While living in these times of crisis, we have deduced that the only investment that is safe from these sudden blows is Real estate investment.

So amidst this air of negativity all around, wouldn’t it be better to think of investing in something that is ‘depreciation-proofed’? Hence, if you want to invest in real estate under lockdown especially in Jaipur, then Mahima Group will help you in the process!

Furthermore, the secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs, Durga Shanker Mishra, quoted that the government will soon issue guidelines and regulatory measures to help the real estate sector in dealing with the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Let’s Talk About Investments

You might be thinking about other options like shares, SIP, mutual funds, and many other options, then why is real estate in lockdown?

Well, unlike shares and other investment areas, investing in real estate will never disappoint you as the real estate markets never come crashing down. At some unfortunate times, even if the real estate market sees a pause, it is sure to appreciate in the coming years.

In addition to it, It will not be wrong to say that real estate properties are a non-perishable commodity and will attract investors until the end of time.

If you are or were looking for ways to invest in real estate even in the lockdown period, here’s what you need to know,

How is Mahima Group Doing Their Part

Even if someone wants to invest in real estate under lockdown, they are held back by the demerits of not being able to go for a site visit; some are not happy with the fact that they will not be able to look for the property on their own or choose the flat of their choice.

This is how Mahima Group helps you in the process,

1. Support from our sales team:

As the country is under lockdown, the Mahima Group team has taken a step forward to continue working for the customers who are looking forward to investing and to know more about residential properties in lockdown.

Our sales team is always on the go to give you the best possible options and help you with the process of buying property or for renting a property in Jaipur.

2. Offers Virtual 3D Tours:

To cater to the needs of our clients for whom site visit is not feasible, we have created the most realistic virtual 3D tours of our flats/sample flats.

In the automated and manual 3D tours, we have included every nook and corner of the house right from the porch area till the balcony of your bedroom so that you do not miss even a single point.

3. Showcasing Project and Amenities:

Mahima Group makes sure that what is offline must be portrayed online as well. Hence, we have carefully designed user-engaging videos that showcase each project’s area, open space, landscapes, and gardens.

The users can also see the clubhouse and we make it sure to show our clients facilities in it as well. You can appreciate the gymnasium, swimming pools, celebrations halls, indoor games room, badminton court, and much more than the clubhouse of every Mahima group property harbours.

The Last Word

Under the current unpredictable situation, there are so many verticals that can’t be anticipated. The only constant thing is the people’s need for housing, and the only safest way to invest is the real estate investment under a lockdown too!

If you want to invest in the most lucrative investment that will give you major returns in the future, Mahima Group is here to help you with everything that you need right from the comfort of your home!

Tanvi Punjabi

Tanvi Punjabi is a prolific content writer and has been creating user engaging content for the last 3 years. She currently works with Mahima Real estate as a writer & blogger and writes unbiased opinions about the real estate. She generally pens down her thoughts about home improvement, property buying, real estate market and tips & tricks. When she is not glued to the laptop, she is found reading books that include fiction & self-improvement.

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