Reasons for Investing in Property near Mahindra SEZ

The city of Jaipur is an emerging hub of Real Estate investment after the metro cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. A good ROI, budgeted properties, and the demand for housing are boosting the residential real estate in the city to new heights.

A happening lifestyle, a good work-life balance, good connectivity to other metro cities, and the development of various infrastructures and companies lead to increased demand for residential sectors.

One such sector witnessing the boom in development and investment are the properties at Ajmer Road – specifical properties near Mahindra SEZ.

The residential property investment near Mahindra SEZ is the next big thing in the Jaipur Real Estate market!

Although these days, people are opting for ready to move in or furnished apartments owing to some attractive benefits of the fully furnished apartment, depending on the needs, you can go for semi-furnished or unfurnished homes too.

But first, let’s know about

What is Mahindra World City or Mahindra SEZ Jaipur?

Mahindra world city

With 90+ companies and more than 120000 employees, Mahindra World City is promoted as a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) between the Mahindra Group and Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO.) This provides an ideal destination of choice for companies looking to establish their base in Jaipur.

The area is located on NH8 within the DMIC zone and is spread across 3000 acres. Master-planned by the Consultants, Mahindra world city Jaipur is located on the Golden Quadrilateral and is a preferred destination of choice of more than 90+ transnational companies.

Owing to these factors, property investment near Mahindra SEZ will prove to be a wise choice.

Now let’s get to the real deal,

Main Factors Governing Investment in Mahindra SEZ Properties

why investment in Mahindra SEZ properties

The Ajmer-Jaipur highway is the hottest residential location to invest in Jaipur. Apart from being an eye-catching residential and commercial hotspot, this special economic zone is becoming the first choice of investors and end-user buyers.

Here are the three main factors that explain the reasons to invest in properties near Mahindra SEZ:

SEZ is an Upcoming Futuristic International Zone

A well-planned area with good connectivity and all the technological advantages makes Mahindra SEZ a compelling location for all the Indian and global companies to set their foot in the city.

With 68 companies currently functioning, including Wipro, Infosys, Deutsche Bank, Genpact, Metlife, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Appirio, many more companies are coming to SEZ shortly. Furthermore, the provision of cafes and restaurants is also there to allow more than 12000 employees to enjoy a good lifestyle.

The establishment of these companies in a hot-zone of the city also attracts human resources, which raises the demand for residential apartments and villas near SEZ. Thus, if you invest near Mahindra SEZ properties, the returns in the future will see an exponential rise.

The Area has Excellent Connectivity

Located on NH-8, Ajmer Road has congestion-free, excellent connectivity to one of the city’s main areas, Vaishali Nagar. The influence of the DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor) also makes the areas closer to Mahindra SEZ commercially important.

Moreover, the proposed ring road connecting Ajmer Road, Tonk Road & Agra Road is 200 meters away from the properties like Mahima’s Shubh Nilay apartments and Shubh Nilay villas, one of the most sought after properties of Jaipur. 

Apart from the industrial and commercial pros, Ajmer road has all that you need in proximity.

May it be renowned educational institutes like DPS, Jayshree Periwal, Manipal University, and JK Laxmipat University or the healthcare centers like Asopa Hospital, Rawal hospital, and Shubh hospital that provide medical care round the clock, Ajmer road is just a few minutes away from everything you will need.

And thus we can say that…

Mahindra SEZ is Ready for the Future

With all the basic amenities, the Mahindra SEZ is also developed to the latest international standard, and so is the area around the SEZ.

Wide and well-lit roads, good residential colonies, retail malls, and recreational areas are within a short radius. Also, away from the city’s hustle & bustle, Ajmer road provides a peaceful yet fulfilling life to everyone looking forward to living or investing in properties around Mahindra World City.

Amidst many other properties, the featured ready to shift, and under-construction properties of Ajmer Road like Shubh Nilay apartments & villas and Nirvana by Mahima Group expect a high demand for housing. 

One of the reasons for developing these high-end properties was to meet the demand for housing in that area. Made with superior quality construction and packed with exceptional amenities, these apartments offer more than just a great living. 

To get an insight into Mahima’s Shubh Nilay project, check out the video below. You can even plan a site visit to inspect the property for a better understanding physically.

In the End,

The property investment near Mahindra SEZ will offer exceptional Returns on investment due to the increased demand, which will increase further in the upcoming years.

You can invest in any property, such as under-construction or ready to move in, fully furnished or semi-furnished, rental, or owned.

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