Demonetisation has been a pretty talked about topic in the current scenario where every next article talks of the Reality Sector. We have somehow ignored the positive scales of the move that will make this sector stand at a better place.

Coming onto the direct effects:

  • The strident move would welcome the transparency that will make the sector highly organised. Thus, India will now see a new structured Reality Sector in no time.
  • The organised system would directly invite and attract the Foreign Investors in our market. Foreign Investors and Users where used to hesitate to understand this system would now be comfortable in investing in our Infrastructural capabilities.
  • Bringing more flow of money through foreign investors thus more flow of capital in the construction world.
  • As the banks amend their rates of interest and the home loans turn out with easy EMI’s affordable housing will seek a boom not to ignore but the luxurious housing segment will too see a high demand as the purchasing capabilities rise.Even the builders can avail the loans at a lower rate now.

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