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Complete Guide on how to Choose the Right Colour for Home

Colours! As soon as we hear this word, we get vibrant visualizations. Speaking of which, we can state that each of us has a favourite colour. Some might like perky pinks or mellow yellow, and some might prefer boisterous blue.

But, few of us are aware that colours can greatly affect our lives and homes as well. Hence, we need to choose the right colours for our home as we choose for our outfits. To give you a broader insight, here is a Complete Guide on how to choose the right colour for home and the effect of each colour.

To put things in perspective, you must understand that not every colour is suitable for every room. Some of us might want to paint their home with their favourite regardless of the fact that each shade has its colour meaning, energy, and vibration. These energies significantly impact every lifestyle and even your mental health.

It is equally important to choose the right colour for home as it is important to select a Vaastu compliant home for good vibes and a positive environment.

But before we get to the point, we need to know,


Importance of Choosing the Right Colour

Believe it or not, every little thing has got a great impact on our life.

The same goes for colours, many of us are unaware about the importance of choosing the right colour and the fact that every colour is made to suit a different room.

Let us start by understanding what is colour psychology?

It merely states that colours affect our psychological being. Colours can change your perceptions or affect your mood in both positive and negative ways when you are around certain colours.

Some specific colour tones, shades, temperatures or hues can also affect you emotionally and have the power to alter your feelings.

For example the use of warm colours increases the energy and anxiousness in the room and on the other hand, cool colours make you feel more peaceful and relaxed.

Colour psychology is a vast topic and is used by many astrologers, marketing professionals, psychologists, and healers to use each colour for their purpose.

It is generally advised to maintain a healthy balance of colours in the home to achieve the right amount of energy.

You can check this colour wheel to know more about the hues and shades of colours.

colour wheel to choose the right colour for home

Hence, rather than throwing your favourite colours on the walls, make sure you understand the relevance of choosing the right colours for home.

Now that you know about the basics of colour guide for home, we can focus on the major part.


How to Choose Paint Colour for Home Interior

While shifting to a new home or renovating your old home the most discussed topic is how to choose paint colour for home interior. You might as well suggest painting your room or the living room in your favourite colours.

But, when you decide the right colours to paint your home, it is a wise decision to go for the colours which will give each room the vibe it deserves.

And because every room serves different purposes, you must also paint each room accordingly. May it be your living room, drawing or bedroom, colours will greatly affect the mood and aura of the place.

Here’s a quick guide that can help you in selecting the perfect colours for your interiors,


1. Bedroom:

Your bedroom is your go-to place when you want to relax and rejuvenate, and it should give you the same feeling. Use shades of greens and violets like sage green or lavender that are soothe your senses. These colours are also known to induce peace and relaxation.

mahima Nirvana Bedroom

According to feng shui tips, you can also opt for lighter shades of red to strengthen the family bonds.


2. Living Room:

Since your living room is a place where you socialize the most, it should also make you feel happy. Paint the living room in shades of blue and green to make the space look full of positive vibes. Green and blue colours are also known to enhance creativity and uplift mood.

mahima Bellevista Living room

And if you are fond of vintage designs, you can even opt for rustic themes with shades of brown to paint the walls of the living room and add some wooden furniture with glossy brown paints.


3. Kids Room:

You can play with vibrant colours and different themes in the kids room. While kids are full of energy, their room should also complement their spirit; hence you can use any shade of pink, blue, orange, or green.

mahima florenza Kids room

The best part about a kids room is that you will never have to think about home interior colour schemes. You can even get creative by choosing themes and adorning the walls with pretty wallpapers according to your kids favourite character.


4. Dining Room:

A place where you eat food and spend quality time with your family and friends should feel welcoming too! Use colours like dark orange or brown undertones. You can also mix these two colours and give the place a very subtle look.

mahima elenza dinning room

Also, it would be ideal to match your dining tables and chairs to the colours of walls to give the dining room a complete and polished look.


5. Kitchen:

Colours that stimulate appetite are supposed to be used in the kitchen. You can opt for warmer colours such as warm shades of red, dusky orange. Try the combination of reds and greys that are believed to stimulate the appetite and are an excellent option for kitchens.

mahima florenza Kitchen

If you want to go for lighter colours you can choose from ivory, grey, white or yellow. Make sure to choose oil paints or plastic paints as they can be easily washed and cleaned.


6. Bathroom:

Everyone has their own opinions about how their bathroom should look. Some may prefer having the cool, crisp and clean look by choosing colours like mint green, light blue or teal. On the contrary, some might like dark accents & “expensive” colours like matte golden, black or sandy brown.

Bathroom area

Try matching the tiles with colours of wall paints to make your bathroom look luxurious yet comfortable.


To Conclude the Topic

In the times when people are concerned about their homes, especially about how it looks, it is basic to be aware about the rational home interior colour schemes.

choose the right colour for home will not only give your home a positive vibe but will also make you feel relaxed.

Opt for different colours according to each room to suit the ambiance of that space. Wallpapers, wall decals and wall stickers can give the interior of your home an aesthetic look.

Happy colouring!

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