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Home Decor Trends That Will Inspire You

An aesthetically pleasing home must be a blend of constantly evolving trends. With every New Year and a new season, there comes a few new home decor trends that lure us to redesign our homes according to the latest trends.

To stay ahead of the game with au courant can be a lot of hassle; emptying your pockets can be another!

However, if you are thinking of revising your home now, it’s not too late too! The transformation of your year-long dull interiors with the latest interior design trends of 2020 will be exciting and equally pleasing.

In this blog, you will discover about the paints, colours and patterns that are inspiring trends for spring/summer 2020. Furthermore, you will also get to know how to make your 2 or 3 BHK apartment or a villa in accordance with these latest home design trends that will continue to delight you for a long time.

And the best part? All of these come without burning a hole in your pockets!

Let’s jump right in

Top Home Decor Trends 2020

Home decor trends are dynamic! They change according to every season, every year and according to the festivities. Here are some top interior de\cor trends that will inspire us all to give our homes a breath of fresh decorations.


1. Explore the Colour Palette

explore the home decor color palette

Unlike the 2019’s colour trends, which were vibrant and striking. The current year welcomes more energetic yet tranquil colours. The Pantone colour of the year – classic blue, is taking over all the fields including the entertainment industry, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles.

Perceived as a cool colour, the colour blue is known to bring out the confidence, calmness and simplicity. To re-decorate your home you can explore various tones of blue like steel blue, oxford blue, Egyptian blue, denim blue or turquoise.

You can also include hues of blue in the furniture (couches, cabinets, drawers) or mix up your interior decors (curtains, carpets, vases) with varying shades of blue.

2. Florals in, Patterns Out

wallpaper for interior design trends

The interior design trends of 2020 are all about instilling a touch of freshness in their homes and lives! The old geometric patterns of the 1970s are now being outdated as the Millennials today are preferring floral themed interiors.

Moreover, after extensive research about the top home décor trends, the Graham and Brown wallpaper of the year also reveals the colours of the year mixed with Bloomsbury floral design.

The use of floral patterns in the home allows you to embrace the soothing properties of nature and gives the walls of your home a bold yet soothing look.

The blend of archival designs and contemporary can be included in carpets, curtains, cushions in the living room and the bedroom. Try to spice up things with the use of some fairy lights and playing with the shades of dusky pink or mint green.

3. Create a Smart Workspace

design for home work space

Probably the most relevant interior design of this year is creating effective working spaces in their homes. Making use of the empty spaces and designing your home post COVID – 19 is the new trend that is ruling the home décors.

The guest room, a corner area in your home or the lounge area between the stairs, practically anything can double up as a creative workspace if designed well. All you need is a small shelf, a secretary table and chair to create a multi-utility space.

To make your workspace look enticing, you can use some pop colours along with grey or white. Bright colours like yellow or orange are known to bring out the creativity in you!

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

outdoor inside home decor

The positive effects of nature cannot be underestimated. Thus, placing some good indoor plants inside your homes can never go out of style and will be on the list of top home decor trends. 

You can make use of potted plants, small vases or even the hanging plants inside the living rooms to make them look lively.

Furthermore, the summer season is a good time to welcome a touch of nature into the home and be a little more environmentally friendly.

Thus, to decorate your home in the summer season, do not forget to bring some freshness and bloom outdoors to the indoors.

5. Scale Down to a Bare Minimum

minimalism home decor trends

Minimalism is the talk of the town and is also one of the ruling trends for spring/summer 2020. The look is majorly a traditional design with a twist of creating one focal point and removing the visual distractions.

The major changes that you can do while opting for minimalistic interior design are making way for light, including some artistic wall decors and creating a visual balance. To make your home look spacious, it is important to clear the clutter by removing the extras of everything.

6. Get Antiques Back

antique home decor trends

If any antique is coming back in the latest home design trends this year, it is the antique art. Using tapestries on the walls of your home will give an eye-catching appearance with pastel hues of greens or blues.

Some paintings, showpieces and wall decors showcasing the antique prints also make a good choice for living rooms or bedrooms.


It’s Time to Renew with Top Interior Designs for Home

With fresh trends rolling in each year it becomes necessary to renovate your homes with the newest interior decors. The modifications of the rooms of your home is more about aesthetic and less about just stuffing.

Include some fresh paints, new furniture, some wall décor and creative workspaces in your home to design it according to the latest home designs.

It should be noted that these tips will work for your apartments, villas or studio apartments alike


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