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Significant Trends that Shape the Future of Luxury Housing

It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the Future of Luxury housing is now!
As the aspirations for a better lifestyle are increasing, so is the need for luxury real estate!

Over the years, the trend of luxury housing in India is continuously witnessing growth and the demand for homes that offer an upgraded living with a posh lifestyle.

Moreover, a large chunk of NRIs are focusing on investment in India, looking for similar amenities and homes that they see outside the country.

The same quality and facilities are incorporated by the luxury housing market these days.
Therefore, the investment in these high-end homes is rising and is to increase multiple folds.

In addition to the NRI’s (non-resident Indians) and the HNI’s (High net worth individuals) in India are also investing in real estate. Since real estate investment is the safest in this time as compared to other options, the HNI’s are inclined towards the demand for luxury housing.

In support of the matter,

Take a Look at the Statistics of Luxury Housing

statistics graph for luxury housing

A Wealth Report 2020, states that the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) in India will grow 73 per cent in the next five years. As a result, the number of ultra-wealthy individuals will rise to 10,354 by 2024 from 5,986 in 2019.

Hence, seeing the inclination of people towards the high living standard for all economic groups, the Real Estate industry at the whole is now focussing on developments of lavish homes with uber-luxe amenities.

Furthermore, According to a Global Wealth Report, since 2000, wealth in India has grown 9.2% per annum. This is faster than the global average of 6%, and this is quite a favourable sign for the real estate sector.

Let us now talk about,

Trends Shaping the Luxury Housing Future

Luxury Housing Future

Lavish rooms, aesthetic interiors, and numerous amenities for a plush lifestyle; this is what most people define as a luxury home. But there also are several factors that shape the future of luxury housing.

1. Theme Based Homes

Theme-based houses are one of the most attractive trends that are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Houses including unique designs and different architectures is now a part of lavish homes.

Incorporation of open space, designer landscaping, and green area make the homes look fresh and give the vibe of an open space-themed home.

Following the luxury housing trends, Mahima’s Spring Villas have sports style villas. Here, there are more than 16 sports amenities to offer its residents a sports-based lifestyle and healthy living.

2. Smart Homes

Technology has touched every field of the world, which has now spread to the real estate sector as well. With the need for luxury homes also comes the need for extra features and tech-based products.

Security cameras and monitors, gas leak detectors and fire detectors are few of the technological offerings that make your home a smart home

Taking a step further into the tech-savvy real estate, Mahima’s Shubh Nilay Villas harbors voice-enabled smart homes to make your living more comfortable and easy.

3. Unparalleled Amenities

Amenities are one of the most significant features of a luxurious home. Having facilities like clubhouse, mini theatre, swimming pool, gymnasium, health club, commercial spaces, retail shops and café makes your home thriving with everything you need at one place.

Mahima’s residential apartments in Jaipur have modern facilities that compliment your lifestyle and bring you the most luxury & distinct real estate in Jaipur.

4. For the Middle-Income Group

Everyone desires a luxurious home with a plush lifestyle, but not everyone can afford it!
This was the saying of the older times, but now, when the housing sector has seen a drastic development, this saying is false.

Top real estate companies like Mahima Group are now focussing on providing the posh living to all the groups of society. Hence, are making affordable and premium value homes.
These homes come with all the facilities and amenities that a lavish home should have.

In the End…

The future of luxury housing is here, and everyone, regardless of the location, age, income, or class, is attracted to a better and upgraded living.

Features like open spaces, architecture, technologically advanced facilities, and healthy amenities are proving to be major trends that are shaping housing.

Jaipur is on its way to become a hub of Luxury Real Estate. In the coming years, the housing sector will witness a significant advancement.

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