Finding The New Santa- Mahima’s New Initiative

Mahima Group- comes up with a unique way to prevent the social isolation in the Elderly.

Few thoughts plunged in the mind of our CMD – Mr. Dhirendra Madan very genuine and soon to be thought of:

  • When was the last time we have tried reducing social isolation and promoting well being in older people.?
  • Do we know what they have ever wanted to do after being retired or What can make them happy ?

So this Christmas Celebration are to those lovely Elderlies & to their talents who feel left out.

This Social Club-60 thus aims to bring together the above 60’s group to make them show their talents to us, interact with one another, to let them know we care, to make them realise they are not isolated they are the real Santa’s of their world.

Social club-60 is soon to be held with a lot more important cause…with Lot more important messages.. Stay Tuned!!!

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