Finding The New Santa- a new initiative !

Finding The New Santa- a new initiative !

This X-mas Mahima wanted to initiate a cause ignored but holds a great importance in a 60+’s life. Finding The New Santa is just a fun planned for educating a great cause hidden.

Well we tend to ignore those high number of injuries that 60+ are prone to in Washrooms. Thus, Our Managing director came up with a great motive to educate the family and the 60+ how to avoid, beware and reduce the threat of Washroom Injuries. Mahima Group being highly socially active will not only educate 60+ but will gift them a Bathroom Safety Kit and a team that will make the fittings too.

Isn’t it a Great Cause ! You can too Find A Santa and think of saving them from Washroom Injuries make their washrooms skit free with : Handles & Skit Free Mats. Find Your Santa & Safeguard them !

You too can celebrate this X-mAs our way. Mahima’s Merry Xmas .

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