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7 Feng Shui tips to bring good luck in your home in 2020

A Few years back, Asia’s richest woman, Nina Wang, nominated her Feng Shui master as the sole beneficiary of her multi-billion-dollar riches. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that usage of Feng Shui tips will not only boost your good luck, but it also channelizes wealth towards you!

It is a 3000-year old tradition popular in China and people all over the world are now practicing this tradition in the 21st century to bring in good fortune and positive vibes to their homes, workplace and life.

There are 5 major elements in nature; namely, – fire, water, air, earth & space and feng shui is an art of attracting benefits from these elements for good luck, health & wealth to an individual or his environment.

For example, a simple act of decluttering your living area and removal of dead plants from your garden also eliminates negative or decaying energies.

This blog offers all the essential Feng Shui tips to bring good luck to your home and how to use them to transform the vibes around and in you.

But first, you need to know…



Scientifically, Feng means ‘air’ and Shui translates to ‘water.’ When used in combination and accordance with science, the art of Feng Shui maintains the harmony between a human and his environment that is majorly made up of air and water.

Air and water are generally associated with good health and fortune in Chinese culture. It’s a belief that when a person shifts the energy to a positive direction with the help of these two elements, he can harbour the benefits of good luck and positivity along with good health.

And now the question arises…




Your home is your safe place where you live and spend most of your time. It becomes even more blessed when combined with positivity and good vibes. Application of tips for home helps to circulate the good luck in the house and maintains harmony among family members.

When the home fills up with positive vibes, it also attracts wealth and prosperity.

Chinese people strongly believe in the energies of Sha chi and Si chi that majorly affects positive and negative thoughts of a person and the environment they live in. These negative and positive energies affect a person’s mental health, along with their physical well-being.

Use of effective Feng Shui tips for the home will bring in an abundance of positive energies and eliminate the negatives ones.

Now that you are aware of the importance of chinese art of good fortune let us now learn about tips to inculcate good luck …



According to Chinese tradition, the use of certain symbols and figurines in the home bring energies with them. Hence, do your best to avoid things that bring negative energies and incorporate items that drives positive energies inside your home.

Here is a list of few things to bring good vibes and luck to your home:


Plants for Good Luck

Plants for good luck - Feng Shui Tips

South and southeast areas of the house are related to growth, keeping plants like Lucky Bamboo, Snake Plant, Jade Plant or Potted Orchids will enhance good luck and growth.

While placing plants in the home can assure good fortune, one should also be careful about positioning of those plants.

The plants placed in-home or office should be kept in east, southeast, and south areas of the premises.


Gem Tree for Prosperity

Gem Tree for prosperity - Feng Shui Tips

Multi-Gem Feng shui Tree comprises a trunk of resin and branches of wire, adorned with assorted crystal namely Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Aventurine, Citrine, and Agate known to bring prosperity.

Placing Gem tree in the southwest sector will give you the best results.

This beautiful tree also enhances educational luck when placed in the student’s bedroom in the northeast corner and strengthens family bonds when placed in the centre of the family living room.


Feng Shui Coins for Wealth

Feng shui coins for wealth

Generally, three or more coins tied together with a red-colored ribbon are the Chinese Feng Shui coins for money

These Chinese coins attract the energy of money when kept in your wallet or pocket.

You can place these coins near the cash register, on the inside of your front door, with your financial papers or any other place that feels related to the incoming of money.

You can even go for the classic brass coins, or gold plated coins depending upon your requirement.


Laughing Buddha for Overall Luck

Laughing Buddha for overall luck

Laughing Buddha’s figurine is based upon an old monk who lived in the 10th century in China, and he was seen as loving and open.

Hence, careful placement of Buddha figurine in the home can radiate good energy and happy vibes inside the home.

Used to bring good fortune, happiness, success, and health, laughing Buddha comes in various shapes that depict different attributes. Although, the shape, size and material also matter while choosing the right Buddha for your home.

To attract positivity and luck; one can place Buddha in the south-east direction of home or office.


Painting with Flowing Water for Continuous Flow of Wealth

Painting with flowing water for continuous flow of wealth - Feng shui tips

Installing paintings that depict waterfalls, fountains, or rivers are related to the water element.

The energy of water is flowing and cannot be bound which represents a continuous inflow of wealth and prosperity inside the home or office.

While choosing a water painting for your home, you must consider these points because the placement of all the items is as crucial as choosing one.

Positioning of paintings or figures can greatly affect you physically and mentally.


Dragon Turtle for Health and Longevity

Dragon turtle for health and longevity

According to Chinese mythology, Dragon is the sign of courage and good luck while the turtle is the symbol of longevity and protection.

The feng shui dragon turtle has a head of dragon and body of the turtle sitting on a bed of coins and usually with a coin in its mouth.

Since dragons and turtles are both celestial animals, the combination of both creates a more powerful force and manifests strength, success, courage, longevity, wealth, and good luck.

Dragon turtle suits the most the East sector of your house for abundance energies of good health and longevity for the family. one may also keep in front of the main door to bless the person with safe journeys and protection against misfortune.


Wind Chimes for Good Vibes

Wind Chimes for good vibes

Many people are already familiar with Wind chimes and a symbol of good fortune. Feng shui wind chimes bring good vibes to your home by the sound vibrations they produce.

Hanging wind chimes around on window or gates guides the sound vibration into space which, activates space element.

One should hang wind chimes in south-Eastern, Eastern or Southern areas of your house to create energy balance and free flow of energy (chi) at home.

A Bamboo or Wooden wind chime works best in the home. Before the installation of wind chimes, it’s important to consider a few points to reap complete benefits of wind chimes for cure.

Apart from a thorough knowledge about Feng shui items for good luck, you must also be aware of certain areas of your home-related to wealth…



It’s vital to locate the wealth location of your home before you start applying feng shui tips for money in your home to receive unobstructed wealth chi in the house.

Generally, the wealth location of your home is at 45 degrees from the front door. Once someone identifies this location, one should always preserve it and keep it in order.

Here are a few tips on how you can use feng shui for strong wealth energy:

  • Have a strong front door that opens wide into the home without creaking.
  • Get rid of any clutter in your home, for example, notebooks and useless things.
  • Install paintings, plants and wood elements in the money area of your home or office
  • Use aquariums or items with specific fish to create a wealthy environment and attract wealth chi.



Use of Feng shui tips and items for good luck or building Vaastu Shastra compliant homes is now imminent and is also a beneficial trait to inculcate positivity in the household environment or at workplaces.

When used with perfect positioning and placement, Feng shui items can change the energies of your home along with good luck and good health for people living in these spaces.

For homes with open spaces, one can utilize the element of space and create optimum energies for the flow of luck, success, good vibes, and harmony among the family.

After all, who doesn’t like a little extra boost of good luck in their lives?

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