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How to Design Modern Homes Post COVID-19

“As an architect, you design for the present, with the awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”

The quote by Norman Foster fits perfectly to the current situation!

The coronavirus pandemic provides us with time to reflect on the kind of world that we have been living in. The lifestyle that we were considering to be normal is now developing further. The lifestyle and design homes Post COVID-19 will be now changing drastically.

A basic idea behind the home reformation is that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone and in this case, the idea of living merely under a roof and four walls will not be enough.

It’s time to remerge with different and innovative priorities where lifestyles will be altered from ordinary to extraordinary.

As we are now spending most of the time inside our homes, we are becoming aware of how important it is to have a thoughtfully designed home. Creation of valuable, safe and healthy spaces should be included in the home design planning rather than the afterthought.


5 Trends that Will be Affecting Home Designs Post COVID-19

trends that will affect home designs

Out of many significant changes, the notable changes are spatial. As per the norms, it is necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus (in fact any viral or bacterial infection) by avoiding close contacts with colleagues.

Thus, here are a few things that will affect an office or design homes Post COVID-19,

1. Work from Home Area 

work from home area

In the year 2020, we have wakened up to a sudden change in our workplaces and left our usual office desks to consider a section of our home to be the new normal. Undoubtedly, it’s not easy to keep yourself focused and productive while working from home but a few changes and inclusions in the home designs can help you do so.

Design your workspace at home in such a way that it should inspire productivity and help you to have more creative thoughts. While using colours like white, grey and black, around your desk at home, add a dash of pop colours like yellow or orange. You can do it in the form of painting or wallpapers to inspire creativity.

After all, colours play an essential role in deciding the vibe of a room. To know more about the perfect colours for each room, consider this complete colour guide to help you.

2. Make Way for Extra Space

extra space design home Post COVID-19

Space is the most important element while considering current & future scenarios. Making way for extra space in the interior of your home will offer you a comfortable area to work, live & grow.

In addition to a personal work area, clearing clutter will allow you to work without disturbances from the unkempt mess. Being without focus while working from home is a common complaint of most of the people. Freeing up the room from extra or unuseful things will solve these issues.

Apart from having a dedicated workspace, creation of some useful space by removing unwanted furniture and clearing the extra chairs or tables will allow you to think more clearly and free your mind from negative vibes due to the mess in the room.

3. Design the Video Conferencing Room

design the video conferencing room

Work from home is here to stay for a long time, and so is your constant struggle to deal with home and work together! Thus, to allow both work and family to co-exist, it would be wise to make some improvements in the designs.

If you are a fan of modern interiors, you can include portable walls and partitions in the rooms. You can also opt for room dividers to change the room from a video conferencing room to a living room with style. You can consider these tips for video conferencing room designing

You can also make the room soundproof if that serves your purpose of holding meetings or important calls while working at home. So creating a call room or future room can be one of the best investments you can make for a modern design homes Post COVID-19.

4. Augment the Entrances

entrances design home Post COVID-19

After the pandemic situation, we all have become selective of the people we meet and to allow in our homes. To be sure of the health and cleanliness of a person we meet, the entry zones will be modified to a great extent.

Incorporate decontamination zones in entryways, installation of a no-touch sanitizer dispenser, and shoe cleaners. This will ensure that every person that enters your home is perfectly clean.

It might sound a bit off to your friends and even family members to do the so-called ‘cleaning rites’ before entering the house, but it is an inevitable step in an effective design homes Post COVID-19 to stop the spread of infection.

5. Open & Natural Spaces

open natural spaces

The importance of nature can never be underestimated! One of the most useful things to do in your modern home is to give way to an open area to allow the flow of sunlight and fresh air.

Try carving out a window or placing light curtains in the room for the flow of light. The optimal light and air will also keep the vibe of our home lively and offer you a pleasant ambience inside the house all day long!

Moreover, basking in sunlight for approx. 20-30 minutes/day increases your immunity and cures many ailments of the skin. Hence, it is crucial to give some open areas in the home!

You can even keep some indoor plants to maintain fresh air quality inside your homes for cleaner air.

Overall, it Maybe Said

2020 is all about designing, innovating and realizing that change is the only way to keep moving forward. Introspection and conscious designs are the need of the hour, and we must incorporate changes that are needed to evolve.

Inclusion of work from home spaces, spacious living areas, open spaces for air and light and changes in the designs at the entrances are going to be future designs for apartments after COVID-19.

Top real estate builders, Jaipur and developers like Mahima Group have already started working in that direction. They have designed fully furnished homes with sufficient space in the rooms and optimized entrances for extra safety and security.

Now is your time to reform what was once considered normal.

Happy renovating!

Tanvi Punjabi

Tanvi Punjabi is a prolific content writer and has been creating user engaging content for the last 3 years. She currently works with Mahima Real estate as a writer & blogger and writes unbiased opinions about the real estate. She generally pens down her thoughts about home improvement, property buying, real estate market and tips & tricks. When she is not glued to the laptop, she is found reading books that include fiction & self-improvement.

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