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Colours of your home talk!

It isn’t a secret that colours you choose say a lot about you. So why won’t it be true for colours you have on your living room walls as well?

Each room has the personal touch of the people it belongs to, but living room is a shared space, and your first impression to the outside world. So, choosing a colour combination for your living room is a careful decision you should take. Here are a few indications of how colours reflect your persona:

Blue-room-2000x1400Image: Interior Design UK


A safe choice when paired with white, blue reflects a no-nonsense attitude, and a focussed, yet accommodating personality.


Great looking with well-coordinated interiors, the colour says that you are a good listener, have genuine compassion and allow others to express their hopes and fears.


Brighter shades are a bold choice, though the light versions are quite common. If you’ve chosen a strong shade, you maybe a bit tempestuous, someone who seeks out new experiences and surroundings.


A good choice for larger spaces, rich browns reflect your rich personality and the fact that you take your obligations seriously, are industrious and value respect of those close to you.


Now that’s surely a bold choice in the Indian context, but nevertheless a smart one. Black actually says you are poised, elegant and pretty comfortable with the mysterious. It also reflects upon your complex and non-conventional personality, which is quite a statement!

As the festive season approaches, a lot of you would be planning to revamp and re-colour your home. We hope these snippets will help you decide on a good colour for your home walls.



Excerpts taken from housebeautiful.com

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