Celebrating The Season of Jaipur Art Summit !!

Celebrating The Season of Jaipur Art Summit !!

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Mahima Group’s Managing Director- Mr. Dhirendra Madan takes a step ahead to feature the street art of Rajasthan through this outstanding piece on the walls of our commercial complex Crystal Palm painted by this great artist Nilesh well known for his art paintings.

The art so depicts the story of a street folk musician of Rajasthan.

A small story behind the art on the walls of Crystal Palm :This great artist Nilesh on his visit to Amber Palace was quite impressed with the local person playing Sarangi to earn and make something out of his great talent not that heard and popular, soon he decided to take that street talent to speak aloud.

We are glad to host this piece of art on our malls.

From the desk of Managing director : “Appraise and Encourage those wonderful street talents around us retaining the beauty of our culture for their living, we Thank them for their contribution”.

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