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Best Indoor Plants for Air Quality in Your Apartment

It is surprising to know that the benefits of indoor plants are often underrated, but, on the contrary, there are numerous advantages of keeping indoor plants for air quality in the apartment.

It is a fact that plants make people happy and refreshes the mood. Having some good indoor plants not only makes your home look right; they make you feel good mentally and physically too!

Furthermore, the indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide released and provides oxygen, which keeps stress, headaches, and anxiety at bay!
As the oxygen keeps flowing inside the home, these plants also purify the air by removing the unwanted toxins from the air.

Plants inside the homes, room or workplaces help in creating a relaxed ambiance while helping you to work better ultimately.

Hence, owing to the air purification and filtering properties of indoor plants, it is good to install the best air purifying plants for apartments.

In support of the above facts, one famous NASA experiment, also states that indoor plants can scrub the air of cancer-causing volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and Benzene.

Let us know further about the air purifying plants,


Best Air-Purifying Plants for Apartments

Transforming your room into a better living space with indoor plants that purify air will also significantly impact your lifestyle, health, and well-being. Here are some common plants that you can keep in homes, offices, work stations, and tables that positively affect our mental health and work performance.

1. Spider Plant

spider plant indoor plant for apartmentThe most common household plant that is known for its long striped leaves, the spider plant is easy to maintain.

These plants need bright light, but they don’t necessarily require sunlight, so they are perfect to put in a room with windows. 

Acting as a potent air purifier, Spider plants eliminate carbon monoxide and removing both formaldehyde & xylene.


2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera indoor plants for fresh airSeen in many homes, the Aloe Vera plant also are healers. The plant does not require much care; a bright light would do the work. 

Apart from the air-purification benefits of eliminating formaldehyde, the aloe Vera is also highly used for treating skin diseases and is also useful for wounds.



3. Kimberly Queen Fern

kimberly queen fern indoor plantCharacterized by the straight and narrow leaves, these shade-loving ferns make the best air humidifier indoor plants as the transpiration rate of these plants is too high. 

Ferns can effectively remove formaldehyde from your home, which makes the air toxin-free and cleaner.



4. Rubber Tree

rubber tree air purifying plantScientifically knows a Ficus robusta, the broad leaves of rubber tree can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down to leave behind breathable oxygen and purified air.

If you are looking for a plant that is easy to maintain and does not require much care, then rubber plants are a perfect choice for households.



5. Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum

peace lily indoor plants for air qualityOne of the top indoor plants for cleaning the air, these beautiful plants break down and neutralize toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

The neutralization of these toxins makes the air breathable and cleaner.

Maintenance of peace Lily is easier as it requires Medium or indirect sunlight. When the plant needs water, it droops, which is an indication for watering again.

6. English Ivy

english ivy indoor plantEnglish ivy is an elegant choice for the people who are fond of indoor plants that will not only give your home a good vibe, but it is also effective for removing toxic chemicals found in the air.

The plant is also used for many medicinal purposes like for the treatment of swelling, blockage of airway passages, to improve lung function and for treatment of bronchial swelling.

With proper care and maintenance, the plant is likely to survive for several years.

7. Bamboo Palm

bamboo palm indoor plants for clean airA tropical palm, shade loving plant that requires care and maintenance to grow well. These decorative Plants improve & soothe the environment of the house and are useful for the removal of many harmful chemicals and pollutants from the air.
The bamboo plants, which is also an effective Feng Shui item, make an excellent choice for Best air-purifying plants for apartments as they remove Toluene, absorb Benzene and formaldehyde to keep the air cleaner.

8. Gerbera Daisy

gerbera daisy air purifying plantsThis popular indoor plant is highly useful in evacuating benzene and trichloroethylene from the air and providing refreshing beauty to the apartment.

The bright colours of this plant also makes one feel alive and enhances the mood.
However, the gerbera daisy blooms the best in warm temperatures.



Winding Up By Saying

There are numerous benefits of indoor plants which are still unknown to many. Placing indoor plants that purify the air that will also change the vibe of the room by radiating positive vibes. It’s good to have air purifiers and humidifiers that are natural and are as effective as the other artificially installed ones.

Along with this, you cannot underestimate the importance of open spaces in residential apartments.

Hence, by thoughtful and strategic planning in each residential project , Mahima Group makes it a point to leave proper space for ventilation and air in each flat. 

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