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Top 4 Advantages of Open Spaces in a Residential Project

Read on to learn what precisely Advantages of Open Spaces in a Residential Project. There’s less and less of it every day!  India’s current scenario has two major developments. The positive – being urbanization, economic development and the means to achieve a better lifestyle. And the not so positive – lack of resources like land, water, fuel due to the increase in population.

A mixture of both these factors has given demand to a particular kind of housing culture – flats and apartments. Now, we may not able to afford to live in large houses with ample gardens and verandas always, but we still prefer not to live in absolute matchboxes whenever we can. For this purpose, real estate developers now design their projects with open spaces.

What is Open Space?

Open space is a part of the land or a water body that are created or integrated within an area and designated to stay that way. These Open Spaces can be parks, tree-lined pathways to walk, a lake, a human-made pond or a public ground for sports etc. For residential projects though, landscaped gardens, kid’s play area, swimming pool, jogging tracks etc. would fall into the open space category.

Most open spaces are adorned with some form vegetation – be it just a carpet of grass, a few shrubs or full-grown trees. These pockets of greenery add a bit of refreshing nature to our concrete jungles.

Urban green spaces give you an opportunity for passive activities like casual stroll or walk in the park or active recreation through sports like cricket and football.

Advantages of Open Spaces in a Residential Project

Advantages of Open Space

As humans, we often act as creatures of comfort and hence get attracted to larger spaces as it signifies a better lifestyle and abundance. Here are the top four advantages of open space in your residential area.

Health Benefits

The concrete open spaces of jogging or cycling tracks, tennis or basketball courts or the green areas of gardens and play area, all contribute to several health benefits. As a home buyer, you should always look for flats or apartments with the maximum number of healthy amenities.

Studies show that worldwide the rate of obesity tripled since 1975. A significant contributor to the issue is a sedentary lifestyle. Spending a huge chunk of our day glued to different screens, be it for work or entertainment is not doing anybody any good.

While most of us are aware of this ever-increasing problem, very few can stay motivated to take necessary measures to curb it. However, if open spaces like parks and playgrounds are nearby, the motivation to increase physical activity comes along easy.

Green open spaces have the exquisite effect of positively boosting both physical and mental well-being. Research shows that stealing just 20mins from your schedule to be close to nature can greatly reduce stress. Passive recreation like a walk along the tree-lined pathways after lunch or a leisurely barefoot stroll on grass can do wonders.

Many residential projects have designated podiums or simple gardens that serve as great yoga corners. You can enjoy fresh crispy mornings while meditating or doing pranayama (breathing exercises) or perfect your Surya namaskar (sun salutation) poses!

A variety of sports facilities makes residences a bliss not only for you but your kids too! You can relive your college cricket and basketball days or help your kid learn skating and badminton.

Physical activity of any kind – be it a rigorous game of basketball or a session of brisk walk can help keep your heart healthier for longer. On a long term basis, staying physically active can improve mental health, enhance neuromuscular or hand-eye coordination and reflexes and of course, keep the extra pounds at bay.

The best part about these recreational activities? A much-required break from screens!

Economic Benefits

Green open spaces not only have health benefits but major economic ones too. No matter how modern humankind gets, our affection for nature remains primordial. Well-maintained urban spaces and green infrastructure adds a lot to the aesthetic value of a residential area. Needless to say, a home with a view often becomes a homebuyer’s first choice.

Who doesn’t want to be greeted with birds chirping in the garden or the shimmering ripples of a pool? Surveys say more and more people look for homes close to open spaces. The demand for open spaces and the willingness to pay for such residences drives the price higher.

This is known as Preferential Location Cost and is something you should consider while weighing jotting down all the financial aspects of property purchase.

Apartments with sports amenities and more open spaces always get a higher return on investment compared to stand-alone residences. This factor makes well laid out residential projects, better investment opportunities.

Social Benefits

Ever heard your parents complaining about your addiction to phones? Or have your grandparents sit down to recall how they spent evenings and weekends meeting friends and neighbours? Well, all urban open spaces motivate more and more social interaction for all age groups.

A healthy social circle is known to have a positive effect on mental health and quality of health. Urban open spaces make ideal locations to foster social relationships. Residential projects provide social benefits community-living, along with safety and security.

Morning jogs or swimming pool sessions cannot only bust your stress but also give you a chance to know your neighbours and make new friends. Your parents could do the same as they indulge in a leisurely evening walk or soak in the nature sitting on a park bench. Organizing ceremonies on festivals and events like friendly swimming competitions or cricket matches also unite all residents.

Another engaging activity for all age groups is community farming. Gardening and physically working with plants and soil is very relaxing. Since the results are tangible, beautiful plants and organic produce is an excellent reward for the efforts.

Sports has multi-faceted benefits of physical and mental health and development of social skills. Playing sports allows kids to foster friendships and learn team spirit and leadership skills. When children grow up playing and developing an affinity to games, they are more likely to continue a healthier lifestyle as adults.

Environmental Benefits

Last but not least comes the ecological benefits of creating pockets of open spaces and green areas. Trees and shade attract birds like sparrows, so a few pigeons or crows are not the flying beings you see.

Greenery, even in small doses helps improve air quality. This becomes an essential factor as all of us are well aware of the rising pollution levels. The soil of the gardens and parks helps to store in carbon and reduce its emission in the local environment.

The size and quality of green open spaces influence the temperatures of the residential area. Concrete obviously soaks in more heat than soil. This may result in an urban heat island effect. Though generally used in terms of a city and not just a residential area, this heat island effect refers to specific areas being hotter than their surrounding areas. 

Improved temperatures and air quality can save you from respiratory diseases or issue like heat exhaustion. The city lends exhaustion to our being daily with its rising noise and smog levels. Such conditions can often cause health issues like headaches, fatigue, irritation and even depression. Coming back to a home with better, breathable fresh air can significantly change this scenario.

Final Thoughts

When you create and maintain advantages of open spaces in a residential project, it becomes a part of the city ecosystem. Albeit a small one, but a part nonetheless and hence contributes to the greenery of the city.

When looking for your dream home, do enquire about the Open Space Ratio (OSR) from your developer to get an accurate idea. The OSR is nothing but the percentage of open space available. Now it may or may not be possible in metro cities, but some rapidly developing tier-II towns can offer you projects with up to 80% of open space.

So what do you love most about open spaces? Are you a sports enthusiast? Or a simple walk-in-the-nature type person? Let us know in the comments below!

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