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Effective Ways To Check The Construction Quality Of Your Home

Living in a poorly constructed building which is weak and infirm on the inside is the last thing a well-informed homebuyer would do. On the other hand, if you belong to the community of smart home seekers, your first task would include effective ways to check construction quality of your home.

With so many real estate companies selling out a number of projects at the same time, you must take an observant look at the construction quality.

Some of the properties might look strong and shiny on the outside, but when you start living in, you might notice that the house requires maintenance and fixing. 

A well-constructed building will have a long-lasting strength & quality, which is the most important factor in a home. After all, nobody wants to live in a home that comes at the cost of their lives.

Dr PR Swarup, director-general, Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) says “Just like a human body, the structure’s health should be diagnosed. If the construction is poor, even a new building can collapse, but where construction quality is good, then even old buildings can have a long life.”

Few of the top real estate companies in Rajasthan are shifting towards futuristic construction quality or sustainable green building concept for their projects, and the rest of them are continuing with the old and outdated ways.

Hence, if you want to have a sound sleep and be carefree about the foundation of the building, make sure that you take a keen interest in the construction quality of the building and are aware of effective ways to check construction quality of your flat.

Now that you are aware of the vital role of the construction quality for your home, let us move further


How To Check The Construction Quality Of Your Home

In a recent Poll by Magicbricks, 84% of the homebuyers are clueless about the ways to inspect the construction quality of their homes and only 16% of the people belong the community of well-informed investors.

Here is construction quality checklist to give you a headstart:


1. Determine The Type Of Soil

The basic of every construction lies in the ground. Your first step should be to judge the kind of soil on which the structure stands.

Clay rich soil and black cotton is not an ideal choice as they have very low bearing capacity and high swelling & shrinkage characteristics which can adversely affect the strength of the building.

However, Loamy soil or sandy soil is a good option for construction as sandy soil’s gritty texture allows water to drain away from a building site but will not shift or move.

You can also run a soil test to check the construction quality of your home with the help of a construction inspector to be hundred percent sure about the foundation of your building.


2. Check The Structure Design

The basic structural design of the building ensures the safety, stability and strength of the building. It includes the exterior walls of building, columns, beams and roofs.

The prime objective of checking the structure design is to determine the design that provides maximum stability and rigidity to the project.

Check whether the building has earthquake resistant techniques, does not collapse at a low magnitude and will limit economic loss during the earthquake.


3. Go For Advanced Construction Technique

With changing times, construction technologies are also becoming advanced. Companies are focussing on using method which are faster and more accurate.

One such technique is ‘Aluminium formwork technique’ which is popular these days. This technique offers enhanced accuracy, more & cleaner carpet area with speedy construction.

If you are planning to buy a home in an under-construction property, this guide will help you out in the process.


4. Adequate Wall Thickness Is A Must!

In most of the property brochures, the developer mentions wall thickness. Make sure that you physically inspect the property to check the same is put in work.

You can tap or knock with your knuckles to see the hollowness of the wall. If the wall is hollow, you should be able to hear a faint sound that slightly echoes.

Also, try to bury a small sharp instrument in the wall to check the thickness of the wall. If the hole is easily made, it is a negative sign.

The thickness and strength of wall is one of the most crucial aspect to check the construction quality of your home as, in the long run, this will determine the life of your house too!


5. Check For Hidden Cracks & Plastering Quality

While inspecting the home for the first time, you might miss some cracks in the corners or on the bottom of the walls.

Be sure to take a closer look at the cracks that are hiding behind a fresh coat of paint (if there are any) while going for house inspection.

If you are opting for an old property, check for the double coats that wear off or chipped plaster that might be due to water leakage or bad quality of plaster.


6. Fitting And Fixtures Should Be Well-Fitted

One might overlook the little fitting and fixtures but when you move into the house, you might find them a bit irritating. You must check the switches & connections are in working condition.

Make sure that the window panes and doors are well screwed & oiled to avoid unwanted creaking or noises.

Also check for the bathroom fittings, pipes and leaking taps to ensure that there is no water leakage.

After reading the above measures, you must be aware that construction inspection is an easy task when done with extra care and information.

Prepare a construction quality checklist to check the construction quality of your home before going for house-hunting.

Doing this simple act will keep you prepared on what you are looking for.


Pro Tip To Check Construction Quality Of Your Home

It is always a good idea to make a few changes in the home after you shift to ensure it enriches with good vibes.

Check these feng shui ideas to bring good luck to your home and create positive vibes.

Good luck!

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