“To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index.”
Mrs. Kusum Madan, Director Mahima Group & Vice President Mahima Foundation.

Awareness Campaign Clean Jaipur 2017.

Green Jaipur .Clean Jaipur

This 2017 we aim to take our every year campaign to new & bigger heights. Clean Jaipur Green Jaipur -2017.

Our motive:

  • Spread Awareness (Download Leaflet below)
  • Build a Chain of Volunteers (ask 5 friends to join you)
  • Clean the City

Our Drive:

We are preaching the below & plan to spread this with our activities & awareness campaigns.
You can be a part of us..How..?

  • Click the Join button below drop us your details. Follow the below key points
  • Dispose Garbage Properly. Use Dust Bins
  • Reuse & Recycle your waste
  • Sort Your Garbage (Degradable/ Non- Degradable)
  • Maintain Hygienes
  • Say no to Plastic
  • Do not misuse or overuse the resources (like :electricity & water supply)
  • Save Water
  • Plant Trees click your pic send us & Get Featured
  • Clean Surroundings click your pic send us & Get Featured
  • Ask at least 5 friends to join you who further ask their friends to build the chain.
  • Feel Proud & Repeat.

Join Us:

This campaign is a Chain of building Volunteers we call them “Friends Of Jaipur” where every single person who Volunteers has to grow the chain of awareness by connecting to next group of people.

The Friends of Jaipur now outperform the activities we preach and build their chain.

Mahima Foundation aims to associate with people who can promote and encourage others to Join Us in our Cleanliness Initiative.

The Chain is headed by Mr. Dhirendra Madan- Managing Director of Mahima Foundation.

The top 10 best Volunteers would be appreciated & obliged for this great social cause. Let The Go Green chain begin then.

Join Us

Awareness Campaign Clean Jaipur 2017

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The Cleanliness Drive

The Managing Director of Mahima Foundation- Mr. Dhirendra Madan
Donated Dust-bins & headed the Cleanliness Drive.


We Care Initiative

Mahima Foundation has took up an initiative for our most precious part of Family. Our Grand Parents taking care of them the Foundation distributed Anti-Skit kits to avoid bathroom accidents.

Sponsoring Education for a poor Child

Mr. Dhirendra Madan- Managing Director of Mahima foundation sponsored the Schooling for a child for an year. He believes anyone who intends to Study must be supported.


Sponsoring Education

for the child of a poor guard by Mr. Dhirendra Madan Chairman of Mahima Foundation.


Sponsoring a Caddy for PGTI Tournament

Dhirendra Madan –The Managing Director of Mahima Group is quite a sporty individual & loves to play Golf.
One fine day he came across this guy who was a great Golf Player. Impressed with his game he decided to sponsor him for a PGTI Tournament.
When you know something around is better you help them to do better.

Dhirendra Madan -The Managing Director this time sponsor's a caddy to play in a PGTI Tournament.

Sweater Distribution at Aanganbari’s by Mahima Foundation

This coming winters of 2016 Mahima Foundation went ahead making the little kids happy who grabbed their woolen wear so happily.
Those happy faces were worth capturing.

Sweater Distribution at Aanganbari’s by Mahima Foundation

Mahima Foundation road safety awarness campaign 11th January

Mahima Foundation has been trying to work for every cause important but ignored.
Increasing Road accidents was one such ignored cause. Mahima Team was led across the roads of Jaipur by the Directors : Mr. Dhirendra Madan & Kusum Madan to make people aware of traffic rules.
The team enthusiastically took over as Traffic Inspectors and guided people the Traffic Sense to avoid breaking rules to SafeGuard their own lives.


Plantation activity under IGBC

Mahima Group in its constructions has built the City Green & Clean.
We every year Mahima Foundation initiates and loves to encourage people to Plant Trees.
Thus Our Green & Clean initiative was spread across Schools this year 2016.


Teacher’s Day 2016 Gift Distribution

Because this is the upcoming generation of India that will help build a better state.
These little initiatives can bring Bigger Consequences


Go Green Campaign 2015

Content could be : Mahima Foundation CSR activity with Lions Club Malviya Nagar Jaipur at Govt. Higher Primary School Jawahar Nagar

Mahima Group Chairman Mr. Dhirendra Madan’s strong believes in the concept of ‘sustainable livelihood’, has translated in the company’s social commitment and efforts. It has made the economic success of the company a factor to the triple bottom line accountability. The very existence of the company is only seen through constant exchanges with the People & the Planet. This is means for Mahima Group to give back to the society where we live and work

His belief that the women & men are endowed with innate ability to be productive, the only need is to make them believe in their abilities. Thus with this capacity building approach the company empowered the people and made their growth truly sustainable and permanent.

In pursuance of his philosophy the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Mahima Group was defined.

Taking forward the great philanthropic movement is at the helm of the affairs Mrs. Kusum Madan,   The Director of Mahima Group & the Vice President Mahima Foundation. She defines her commitment as “To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index.” 

Our community work is a way of giving back the society we live and work in!

The philanthropic and CSR initiatives of the company date back to the early days of its formation, a more recent development has been the setting up of the MAHIMA FOUNDATION.

The Foundation has opened Schools and crèche at all its construction sites for the children & infants of labour to make them a better citizen of tomorrow. Apart from the education there is an effort to make the effort complete with support and motivation offered with distribution of School bags, Lunch box, Toys, vocational games are distributed at regular intervals to motivate the children.



Our Strategies

Mahima Group owes the pride to have schools at all its construction sites with professionally qualified teachers supported by eminent staff and education material. All the labour kids at construction site follow a strict regime to attend the school on daily basis which not only supports in their upbringing but also plays a major in their safety

Our Focus Areas


  • Formal and non-formal education, adult education
  • Scholarships for girls, merit scholarships and technical education for boys
  • Distance education
  • Girl child education
  • Digital literacy / computer education

Health care and family welfare

  • Pulse polio programme
  • Mobile clinics — doctors’ visits
  • General and multispecialty medical camps
  • Reproductive and child health care, supplementary nutrition / mid-day meal projects at all construction sites
  • Safe drinking water, sanitation
  • HIV / AIDS, cancer, TB awareness and prevention camps
  • Blood donation camp at regular intervals.

Social causes

  • Widow re-marriage / dowry-less mass marriages
  • Social security (insurance)
  • The Green Way – Mahima Group Initiative towards sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Culture and sports
  • Women empowerment

Sustainable livelihood

  • Self-help groups (microfinance for women and farmers)
  • Watershed management

Skill development / vocational training through Mahima Group for integrated   training programme.

CSR Activities By Mahima Real Estate