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Buying a new house? Here are six things you must consider.

There are certain things in one’s life which are considered as milestone. And buying a house is one of them. No doubt people spend a lot of time searching a house as per their likes.

But despite of all the research done, people tend to forget many important factors they must consider before making the purchase. To that end, here are the most important things a buyer should check before buying a house of dreams.

  • Location

If I am asked what is the one most important thing to consider before buying, it would be the location of the house. A good location not only adds to resale value of the property, it also saves a lot of time and energy.

  • If you have elderly at home, ensure that there is a good hospital nearby.
  • If you got kids, having a school around will be a great help.
  • Do not choose a house which is too far from work. Though, in metro cities, it is not possible to get a house near work, but you can easily have one in Jaipur.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, choosing a house which is nearby airport or railway station is a great idea.
  • Look beyond beauty

    Do not finalize a house only because you found it beautiful and luxurious at first inspection. There are things to look out beyond the paint. Look out for leakages, the quality of building material used. Most of the buyers usually focus on paint and looks but these cosmetic things are easy to change and inexpensive. Repairing costs on the other hand can be a huge cost and hassle.

  • Think About Long Term

What facilities are you going to need in coming years? How many years do you plan to spend in the house? What will be the resale value if you have plans to sell the house in next 5 years.

  • Consider post purchase costs

Once an owner of the house, you will need to have a certain amount to pay as maintenance. If you buy an apartment, this amount needs to be paid to the builder or agent. Sometimes such amounts are hidden and you come to know about this only when you make purchase. Make sure to ask all these thing from the seller and keep a record of it. Similarly, you might plan an housewarming or griha pravesh ceremony after the purchase and for that you are going to need fund too.

Make a list of guests and arrange their stay. You will also need a housewarming invitation cards. There are many free tools available online which you can use.

To start, you can use these housewarming invitation card designs. Alternatively you can also use invitation design app to get your desired design on the go.

  • Haste makes Waste

Buying a house needs patience. You need to use head not your heart. Don’t let a bad deal happen just because a good friend lives nearby or the decor is good. Trivial things don’t matter after some time.

  • Don’t Overbuy

Set up a budget and stick to budget. Setting up high EMI is never going to help you post retirement. Keep the budget which you can pay in 10-15 years. Keep the EMIs around 40% of your monthly earnings. This will help you keep things in control once your expenses increase (After having a baby or some sudden medical expenses).

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